Why Do People Paint the Bottom of Trees White?

Why Do People Paint the Bottom of Trees White? Have you ever visited a nature lover relative and wondered, “Why Do people paint the bottom of trees white?” You may have asked if it is for architectural design or something else.

But actually comes from a tree’s vascular system.

which functions very similarly to the plumbing in a household, allowing water to move up through the tree from its own roots. As you may know, xylem is the name given to the fiber channels which are present in the environment and are responsible for transporting water from the soil to the plants.

These xylem pathways are made up of living and convey minerals from the soil towards the leaves. During the winter, the temperature of tree trunks can change based on how much daylight they take in. This makes it possible for the sap to circulate throughout the day, but when the temperature drops in the evening, the sap freezes and causes the tree’s fibers to break apart. This is especially detrimental to fruit trees, the crops of which are frequently severely impacted by the damage caused by winter. Trying to whitewash tree stumps helps reflect light.

The Answer

So, why do people paint the bottom of trees white? It’s actually for damage control. A wall that does not absorb the light but instead bounces it can be created on the stems of fruit trees in the late fall by painting them with whitewash. Apply the paint, working your way up out of the ground to the lowest branches. Because of this, the warmth of the fluid in the xylem nearest to the exterior of the plant’s inner bark is maintained at a relatively constant temperature throughout the wintertime, and it does not undergo alternating bouts of freeze/thaw.

On other kinds of trees, the application of whitewash protects them from sunscald throughout the colder months.

Sunscald is a form of tissue necrosis that occurs on the part of the stem that is subjected to some of the most sunlight. According to the Oregon State University Extended website, washout is a mixture of salt, water, and quicklime. Alternatively, whitewash can be created by mixing equal measures of water and white external paint.

The White Paint in the Bottom of Trees.

Latex paint that is water-based is the kind of paint that should be used for painting tree trunks. To properly dilute the color, one quart of latex should be combined with 4 to 5 gallons of water in the appropriate ratio. According to research, the greatest defense for borer infestation is a full-strength treatment that is sprayed on. Another good composition for sunburn prevention is pure water, latex paint, and joint cement in the proportions of one-third, one-third, and one-third, respectively. Don’t use oil-based paint since it will prevent the tree from being able to breathe. If you have young trees nibbled on by rodents like rabbits, you may avoid further harm by adding a rat repellent to the white paint used to coat the tree trunks.


There are many grounds why people paint the bottom of trees white. However, it all boils down to the most basic function of sunlight reflection, which imposes a lot of benefits for a tree.