Commercial Tree Service Louisville KY

Commercial Tree Service Louisville KY

Commercial Tree Service Louisville KY,  tree care and landscape maintenance for your commercial property will help to protect its value and enhance its visual appeal.

Commercial Tree Service Louisville KY
Commercial Tree Service Louisville KY

A well-established, professional tree service provider can help you prioritize your tree and shrub care needs and develop a comprehensive, cost-effective plan in order to effectively maintain your landscape.

Commercial Tree Service Louisville KY

Our Location

Marcells Tree Service
12202 Aiken Road
Louisville, Ky. 40223


Commercial Tree Care provides routine pruning practices that include crown thinning, raising, cleaning, reduction, and shaping, end-weight reduction, deadwood and also building clearance.


Louisville stump removal

Louisville Stump Grinding, poisons, and hand-digs stumps upon request.

Louisville Tree Injections In Louisville

Commercial Tree Service Louisville KY  injects, sprays, soil drenches, and deep root fertilizes trees with various nutritional substances along with insect control chemicals to help improve the health of your tree.

Louisville Tree Removal In Louisville

Commercial Tree Service Louisville KY specializes in large removals – there is no job too big or small for us. We will work with you and with the City to meet any and all specifications or needs that you or the City might have.

Arborist Louisville Ky

Business oriented Tree Care will supply Arborist reports while on an as required basis (ie: for elimination projects that need permits).

Louisville Tree & Shrub planting

Commercial Tree Service Louisville KY,  in concert with local nurseries to acquire their customers the best possible trees. We put into practice proper planting techniques to guarantee the health as well as safety of one’s tree.

You got a beautiful solution.

Commercial Tree Service Louisville KY offers you the following services.

  • Trimming of the trees
  • – Reducing
  • – Bracing or Cabling
  • – Soil management and fertilization
  • – Complete Recycling of trees
  • – Stump Grinding and Tree Removal
  • – Standard Maintenance of trees
  • – Planting the trees
  • – Evaluation of the tree structure and many more

How do they do that ?

The tree arborist are highly skilled and are professionals in offering the tree services to the people. Here is the step by step process of their service.

  • You can place an order for service over a call or at desk
  • They shall respond with jet speed and fix the appointment
  • They visit the location with all the equipment and men
  • They take your requirements very clearly and act accordingly
  • May it be the Tree trimming or any other task, they take care of it
  • The professionals start their work and finish the task using the right equipment
  • Thus, your tree becomes as you expect

Have this question in mind?

Here is the answer to your query.

  • You can get very beautiful trees that add beauty to your home
  • Your trees become healthy and free from all probable diseases
  • Your trees would meet the requirements of government in terms of size, shape and all
  • Your trees would be in safe hands and you can least bother about them
  • The tree service would be completed in short time with smart efforts and equipment
  • You can save your health as well as globe with benefits offered by the trees
  • The company recruits highly skilled professionals and trains them so you can expect a better service from them.

Commercial Tree Service

The company possesses sound experience and expertise in the field, the company acquires the equipment that are required to deliver all the commitments in a smartest manner, they take care of your property and the process is very safe, you get a very good service that meets the specifications in an optimum manner.

Commercial Tree Service Louisville KY  in your area call today! 502-245-8733

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