Louisville KY Facts

Louisville Kentucky Facts

Louisville Kentucky Facts. Our city in Kentucky is the largest city in the mostly rural farmland State of Kentucky. It is the 30th most popular city in the U.S as well as the capital of the State.

Louisville is located in Jefferson County. And has a population of roughly about 741,096 as of the 2010 census.


Louisville Kentucky Facts is the largest city
The city in  Kentucky is the largest city in the mostly rural farmland State of Kentucky.

Louisville is predominantly white (74%) while Blacks make up 22.2%, and Hispanics 2.9%.

And the remainder of the population consists of smaller ethnic and multiracial minorities.

While 29% of households have children under the age of 18 living with them.

30% of households were individuals as of the 2007 breakdown.

Louisville’s average income per household is $39, 457.

While the family’s total average incomes are about $49,161.

The average income of males is $36,484.

While females’ average income is $26,255.

Those below the poverty line are few with only 12.4% of the population making less than average wages.

The city was founded in 1778. And was named after King Louis XVI of France.

Which makes the town one of the oldest west of the Appalachian Mountains.

Louisville was the founding city of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad.

Which was expanded into a 13-state system vital to the economy of the city, state, and region.

Today, Louisville is famously known as the home of the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food chain.

The Kentucky Derby Horse Race and the University of Louisville.


Louisville KY Facts
The Kentucky Derby is world-famous and draws thousands upon thousands of tourists to the city every year.


And has been a long-standing tradition in the city and its people. Louisville Slugger baseball bats.


Louisville Kentucky Facts

Our city is also known for along with its main airport which is the site of UPS’s worldwide air hub.

Louisville is located near the border of Indiana and Kentucky.

The Ohio River at what is known as the falls of Ohio. While Kentucky is considered a southern state.

The culture of Louisville is also influenced by the culture of the Midwest.

The city-town is located in the state’s Bluegrass Region.

Its development has very much been influenced by its location on the Ohio River.

Ohio River
Our February 2018 flood could bring the highest Ohio River levels since the devastating flood of 1997.

Which facilitated the town’s evolution into becoming a major shipping port.

Most of the city is situated on a flat and wide floodplain with hills surrounding the outside.

The city’s land once was swampland that was drained when the city grew.

Louisville is located near other urban areas including Cincinnati, Frankfort, Lexington, Columbus, and Indianapolis.

The city’s downtown business district is just south of the Ohio River.

The major roads that lead outward from the heart of the town head out in every direction like the spokes on a wheel.

Louisville’s airport is just less than 7 miles south of downtown.


Louisville’s airport

While the industrial sections are located south and west of the city’s airport.

The residential areas lie in the southwest, south, and eastern parts of town outside of downtown.

Downtown Louisville has 12 buildings that stand over 300 feet tall.

Along the Hurstbourne Parkway is another business and industrial district situated in a suburban area.


Hurstbourne Parkway
Along the Hurstbourne Parkway is another business and industrial district situated in a suburban area.

The architecture of Louisville is a blend of new and old.

The Old Louisville neighborhood is now a historic preservation district.

Consisting of Victorian buildings and homes and is the largest of its kind in the United States.

And the third-largest overall. Modern skyscrapers there are many in the downtown district as are older preserved structures.

Buildings are located west of Main Street downtown.

Feature the second largest collection of cast-iron facades after New York’s SoHo district.

The town in modern times since the mid-20th century has been divided into three sections.

South end, west end, and east end

  • The west end has a reputation of being primarily African American.

Louisville’s climate is humid and subtropical.

Spring generally begins in mid-late March. While summer is from mid to late may into the latter part of September.

October and November are the months of Fall/Autumn.

Severe weather happens commonly as tornadoes are fairly common in the region.


Snow and wintry weather as well as rain happen commonly in winter.

While first and last freezes are November 5th and April 2nd.

Summers in Louisville is typically hot, humid, and hazy.

Louisville Kentucky Facts

With temperatures staying between 90-100 degrees F for long periods and drought conditions are common.

On average Louisville’s temperature is at and above 90 F 38 a day a year,

The annual mean temperature is 58.2 F and the average yearly snowfall total is 12.7 inches.

While the average rainfall per year is 44.9 inches.

Spring and summer are the wettest seasons while although rainfall occurs on a fairly constant basis throughout the year.

In the winter months, in January and February particularly several snow days are the norm.

The coldest month in Louisville is January with an average mean temperature of 34.9 degrees F.

While July is the hottest month with an average daily temperature of 79.3 degrees Farenheight.

Dozens upon dozens of organizations. And companies are located in Louisville.

Its location at the Falls of Ohio is strategic while its position in the central U.S. is unique.

And provides the perfect location for transferring cargo to other destinations.

Shipping is a big business in Louisville.

The Worldport global air-freight hub for UPS is located at the city’s international airport.

In recent times the city has become a major center for medical services.

Health care industries are central in the advancements in hand and heart surgery and also in cancer treatment.

Louisville was also at one time. Home to the Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing Company.

Which during its peak was one of the largest distributors and manufacturers of hardware in the entire United States.

Former tobacco companies Brown and Williamson also used to operate out of Louisville.

Currently is home to the headquarters of GE Consumer and Industrial and one of GE’s appliance factories.

Whisky is also a big business in Louisville.

The city and nearby areas house distilleries producing famous whisky brands.

Including Goldfinger, Lawn Dogs, Secretariat, Elizabethtown, and The Insider.

Now you have Louisville Kentucky Facts.