Emergency Tree Removal Near me.

Emergency Tree Service Louisville KY. We are Insured, with workers comp.

Emergency Tree Service Louisville KY. We are fully Insured, with workers comp.

During bad weather, you can depend on the Marcells Tree Service for your emergency tree services.

With our up-to-date chippers and stump machines and our professional chainsaws.


You can have confidence that your property will be made safe, and clear of tree damage and debris.

We will also use all tree-saving techniques to save damaged trees when needed.

Marcell’s Tree Service has been serving the Louisville area in emergency tree removal for over 45 years.

Emergency Tree Service For:

Emergency Tree Removal Louisville, KY


While stormy weather can cause trees to fall into roadways.

Also, onto structures such as buildings or houses.

Factors can attribute to needing emergency tree care.

We Make sure your trees are in good health

Free of insects and rot is also on the top of the list.

Marcell’s Tree Service employs multiple arborists.

Heavy chipper operators and experienced ground men.

We not only put your mind at ease.

Also, keep your trees and plants in perfect health.

When trees become sick or fragile call the experts at Marcells Tree Service.

Your Louisville emergency tree care experts.

Benefits of Marcells Tree Removal Service.

While we cannot prevent tree storm damage.


We will be here on stand by ready to help in your time of need.

Emergency Tree Service For: