Why Do Cats Get Stuck In Trees?

Why Do Cats Get Stuck In Trees? Cats as species are recognized for their agility, grace, and athleticism, among many other things. You may have also heard of how they’re always able to land on their feet whenever they land.

But believe it or not, there is one thing that many cats struggle doing – getting down after climbing a tree.

This may have been something you’ve already seen or is probably something usual to you. However, if you take the time to think about it, why – indeed – do cats get stuck in trees? And why do they find descending from a tree they climbed, difficult?

Why Do They Climb Trees?

According to animal behaviorist Katerina Jones, cats are fascinating species in the behavioral lens since they can be predators to smaller species. However, at the same time, they’re also vulnerable to bigger animals. In terms of behavior, this means that the behavior of cats is on both ends of the prey and predator spectrum.

This means that as skilled hunters, cats can chase their prey up a tree.

Without even realizing what they’re doing or what they have gotten themselves into. On the flip side, they can also go further and high whenever they feel any form of threat. That said, a cat will likely run up a tree, especially if it feels like its life is in danger. For the cat, the tree can serve as a good vantage point and offers safety from predators.

But for a simpler reason, perhaps cats climb trees because they are able to, and it’s a fun activity for them.

Why Do They Remain Stuck After Climbing?

Climbing a tree is easy enough for cats since they have claws that help propel them up to heights. But once they realize the situation they’re in, they can find it difficult to get down.

Cats stuck in trees may experience trouble coordinating their front and hind feet when backing down.

Particularly because it’s a movement that most cats don’t do typically. Moreover, cats also tend to jump from high places instead of climbing down. If you have a cat, you can see this in the way it usually jumps down from your couch.

Trees are a different case, though.

In such situations, trees are usually too high for them to just jump down, which is why they get stuck.

Consultant and veterinarian Dr. Myrna Milani state that there are some cases where the ability to descend from a tree isn’t the problem. Sometimes, they can simply be too frightened to do it. It may be because something had chased the cat up the tree, or it’s not too familiar with being outdoors.

On this note, declawed indoor cats are typically at greater risk of getting stuck if they do manage to get outside. While they can still climb, they tend to be at a great disadvantage when getting down from a tree since it’s nearly impossible for them.

What You Can Do If A Cat Is Stuck in A Tree.

When you see a cat stuck in a tree, the best thing you should do is stay calm since you don’t want the cat to get even more agitated or nervous. One of the strategies you can employ is to lure it with food to entice the cat to slowly come down from its current perch. However, it’s worth considering that this strategy can run the risk of attracting other animals nearby.

Otherwise, you can try climbing after the cat – but only if you’re physically able. This is usually recommendable if the cat stuck in the tree is yours and if it trusts you enough. You can also try using a makeshift ramp to give the stuck cat a convenient access route to go down.