Tree Inspection Louisville KY

Tree Inspection Louisville KY – Do An Inspection of Each of Your Trees

Tree Inspection Louisville KY. When you have trees that you think need pruning or removal, you need to do an inspection of each of your trees.

This especially needs to be done after you have had a severe storm hit your area.

Or if your area has had a lot of rainy weather lately.

Tree Inspection Louisville KY

If you are not sure what you need to look for.

Below is a guide to help you in deciding the best course of action for your trees.


When inspecting your trees there are many things that you will need to look for.

Below is a list of those things.

Growths that look like mushrooms are rotten inside.

Make sure that you do not remove this.

Removing them can cause the rotting to spread.

  • To the whole branch and possibly to the whole tree.
  • You will need to remove the branch that it is located on.
  • When you remove the branch, if it is hollow, then you may need to remove the entire tree.

Branches that are broken, dead, diseased, cracked, or dried.

These branches need to be removed for your tree to be able to grow even more healthy limbs.

Check to make sure that insects have no0t infested your tree.

Termites are especially bad about this and will leave behind a sandy, brown trail.

Parasites can be seen by looking at your leaves.

Is the color the same or different from the rest of the leaves on the tree?

If it has a different color or spots then it is probably best to remove the entire branch that the leaf is on.

Do any of the leaves have holes or look burnt?

If so, this is a sign of a disease attack or insects attacking your tree.

Check the wounds from where you have previously pruned your tree.

Are the wounds healing or are they turning black?

If they are turning black then there is a problem.

Call in a professional.

  • Look at your tree trunk, do you see any place on it that looks like there is a bulge?
  • If so, this can be signs of decay on the inside of your tree.
  • Take a close look at the roots that are showing above ground.

Are they a dark color? Squeeze the roots, are they soft?

If they are then your tree roots are decaying.

You need to check the tree trunk to see if there are any splits in it.

This can make your tree extremely unstable.


  1. Whether you are calling in a tree service company or you plan to do things for yourself.
  2. Make a list of what you found during your inspection for each tree.
  3. This way when you are ready to do whatever needs to be done for each tree.
  4. Make sure that it is done soon so less damage will be caused.
  5. You will remember exactly what is wrong.
  6. If you are hiring a tree service company.
  7. Your list will be a big help to them when they are inspecting the trees themselves.


Now that you have inspected all of your trees.

You’ve probably found quite a few problems with your trees.

You are not a professional so what do you do?

Below are some tips on how to make your trees healthy again.


If there are problems with the tree’s roots it is probably from a lack of oxygen.

You will need to rehabilitate the roots.

The best time to do this is when your tree is “sleeping” or dormant.

Remove all of the old soil and replace it with soil made up mostly of silt, sand, and clay.

This soil is called loamy soil. make sure to be careful not to cut the roots.


  1. You need to protect the trunks of the trees.
  2. Ever been to a zoo and seen the enclosures that the lions and tigers are housed in?
  3. The trees in these enclosures that are near the fence line all have a sleeve around them.
  4. This is so the animal can’t climb the tree and jump out.
  5. These sleeves are great for protecting the trunk of your tree.


If your canopy is dense or the color and shape are not as they should be.

It’s a tell-tell sign that the roots need to be rehabilitated.

Once you have taken care of the roots then the problem with your canopy should take care of itself.


Co-dominant branches are branches that are about the same size.

And have grown out from the same area of the tree.

If this happens then the branches, both of them, should be removed.

You need to remove only one of them at a time.

  • After removing the first one, you need to allow it time for the wound to heal.
  • Before removing the second one.
  • Sometimes it can take a couple of years for the wound to heal.
  • Make sure that as soon as you notice these co-dominant branches.
  • Immediately remove the first one.
  • The younger the tree when this is done, the better chance of it being healthy.


A girdling root is a root that will wrap itself around the entire tree trunk.

It can be underground or above ground.

You always need to remove as much of this as you possibly can.

Without damaging the other roots.

You need to remove enough of this root until you can see the trunk “flare”, then add more soil.


This is when buds that have been sleeping under the tree bark are somehow stimulated.

They “wake up” and start growing.

It creates what looks like a big knot on the tree.

These need to be removed for the healthy growth of your tree.

It is best to call in a professional for this just to be extra careful.

Conclusion of  Tree Inspection Louisville KY

As you can see there are many things to look for when doing an inspection.

You have to make sure to check for all of the things listed before trying the solutions suggested.

Just because your tree has health issues does not necessarily mean that the tree is dead.

There are answers to the problems. Tree Inspection Louisville KY

Contact a professional tree service company to do the job anytime you are unsure.