Power Tree Trimming Tools

Power Tree Trimming Tools

Power Tree Trimming Tools. If you want your garden and yard to look their best you have to make sure that you have the proper tools to do the job.

Power Tree Trimming Tools

Having the right tools can make your job so much easier and safer for you. From pole tree pruners to wood – chippers, here is a list of some of the best power tools you can get for making your trees and garden beautiful.

Power Tree Trimming Tools


The Remington – RM1025P two – in one electric chainsaw pole saw combo is one of the best when you need equipment for tree trimming. A gas-powered saw is good but then you have to always remember the correct ratio of oil/gas mixture needed for it not to mention that start-up is exhausting, the many times you have to pull on the starter rope. An electric chainsaw is so much easier. Plug it in and it’s ready to go. This chainsaw weighs only five pounds so it’s easy to handle and won’t tire you out.


Simple to use since it’s electric

Easy start-up


Affordable price

This model is for cutting smaller trees and trimming limbs

Perfect for yard work

The oil cap is on top for easier access


Lightweight, easy to carry, and use

Never have to worry about mixing oil and gas

You won’t have to exhaust yourself with a pull rope to start it


You have to drag an extension cord around with you


Black & Decker Twenty Volt Max Lithium – Ion Alligator Lopper Saw is a tool that there is no comparison for. You need to judge this tool completely on its own ability for what you need it for. The Alligator Loppers are great to use for cutting wood to put in a wood-burning stove, and it’s amazing for cutting off the branches of trees that have been knocked down or cut down.


Clamping jaws that grab the branch and cut it all in one motion

Reduced kickback bar and chain

It can cut up to four-inch-thick branches

Has a guard and top jaw to encase the cutting teeth

Let go of the trigger and it stops for safety purposes

Function more like a chainsaw only a lot safer

Has a four-point-five amp motor


Specialized tool for stationary, repetitive jobs

Basically, a chainsaw is only safer

Protective jaws and double switching for more safety

Cuts branches right on the ground eliminating the need for a sawhorse


Hard to read the instruction manual

Clean it just like a chainsaw

The oil hole is small making it difficult to add oil


Corona TP 6870 Dual Compound Action Tree Pruner is one of the best. These pruners will trim small – medium-sized trees. Help to keep the shape of your tree, cut back overgrowth, or any limbs hanging over your house or over the road. Tree trimmers make trimming your trees so much safer than climbing up a ladder to get it done. These give you enough reach due to the telescoping pole. With this tree trimmer, the telescoping is controlled simply by a nut. If you loosen the nut you can extend the pole to twelve feet. Remember to tighten the nut back up once you have it extended to the length you need.

It has two options for trimming. Either use the pruning component or you can use the sawing component. The twelve-inch saw can remove entire limbs up to two inches thick. The pruning component is more for trimming limbs.


The telescoping pole extends up to twelve feet

Lightweight and user-friendly with a cushion grip

High-quality pruning blade that is made of a die-cast zinc alloy and the saw blade that is made of heat-treated, Teflon – coated cutlery steel.


The pole is made of lightweight fiberglass, so your arms don’t get tired as your trimming

It has an adjustable pole that extends up to twelve feet

I nice cushion grip to make it easy to handle and easy on your hands


These are not meant for cutting large limbs.

Not safe for use if you are standing on a ladder, you need to keep your feet on the ground for maximum safety.


This Troy – Bilt three-inch 250 cc two-in-one upright gas-powered chipper & shredder is exactly what you need to get rid of all the tree limbs you’ve cut down or that have been blown down from storms. Most of the time people just pull all of their limbs and branches to the side of the road and then wait and wait for them to be picked up. This usually will cause ant piles to gather underneath them if they are left there long enough. With a wood – chipper that won’t be a concern.

It doesn’t just chop wood, you can add any of your yard debris into this chipper. Branches, limbs, leaves, piles of pine needles, garden plants after the harvest and so much more.

This shredder is bot powerful and durable with steel blades that can grind up any yard debris! It has a Briggs and Stratton motor (ten horsepower) and can shred branches up to three inches thick. It comes with a five-bushel bag so you don’t have to worry about it. Everything goes right into the bag.


  • Lots of power with the ten horsepower Briggs and Stratton motor
  • Easy to store since the machine isn’t wide
  • Can chip branches up to three inches thick
  • Wheels are pneumatic
  • A one-gallon gas tank




Easy storage



Power Tree Trimming Tools

As with all power tools, safety is the main objective. Always wear goggles and gloves when using any of these tools. Keep yourself and anyone around safe and enjoy making your yard the envy of the neighborhood!