How to prune apple trees?

How To Prune Apple Trees?

How To Prune Apple Trees?

Prune apple trees? Apple trees are a spectacular presence in any garden and the prized possession of many gardeners.

The crowning achievement of many gardeners is the bounty of apples that they have produced over the previous year. But after the harvest, pruning is very much a necessary task for maintaining the health of the apple tree and ensuring that the tree will provide plenty of delicious fruit for years to come.

The purpose of pruning apple trees

As an owner of an apple tree, you presumably want the maximum yield possible from it. It is a mistake to think that nature will carry out the task for you.

Preparing to prune your apple tree

The best time to prune is during the winter months before growth begins again the following spring. Try to prune sometime between November and February.

The tripod mechanism also provides you with a base from which you can reach the ends of the branches.

You will need a sharp pair of secateurs for smaller branches, a pruning saw for larger branches, and you might want to consider electrical pruning tools. Make sure that you wear the necessary safety equipment. Work slowly and carefully

Set a limit to this scaling back: aim for no more than one-fifth of all of the branches.

Move around the tree and prune right at the point where the branch you intend to cut meets the main branch. Make sure that the cut is clean and level with the branch. This is to prevent disease, giving the tree a chance to heal properly and grow new branches.

In addition to this, branches with rotting fruit or wilting blossom resulting from disease should also be removed. You should aim to cut the smaller branches first before moving on to the larger branches.

An apple tree requires less energy to replace smaller branches than larger ones and the general structure of the tree is also maintained.

A successfully pruned apple tree!

Now that you have successfully pruned your apple tree, take a step back and look at it! You now have a healthy apple tree fully prepared to produce fresh fruit next year! Light can now find its way throughout the tree and encourage fresh growth.