How To Grow A Forget Me Not Flower?

How To Grow A Forget Me Not Flower?

In this species there a many different types of these tiny little flowers. Basically, all have just five petals and about a half-inch around.

How To Grow A Forget Me Not Flower?
How To Grow A Forget Me Not Flower?

Most people know these flowers because of their dainty blue blooms. But some will also grow white and pink and some are a mix.

Forget me not are ornamental, simple to grow flowers that are used for landscapes and in gardens around the home.

Forget Me Not Royal

Princess Diana’s favorite flower was the forget me not. Much so that in the memorial garden that was created for her the place she used to reside.

There are thirty – five – hundred white ones that were planted in her garden to honor her. Also, in honor of his mother, Harry named his charity “Sentebale”, meaning.

Forget Me Not Varieties Of Forget Me Not

Forget me not have two main varieties, woodland ones, and true ones. True ones are perennials and the woodland ones are also perennials but are noticeably short-lived.

They both look a lot alike but have different times that they bloom and their growing conditions are a bit different.

Forget Me Nots (True)

  • Their spread is: three – quarters – to – one – inch wide
  • Their height is: half-inch – to – one – inch
  • Description: yellow middle with blue petals
  • Bloom: June – August
  • Watering: Medium-wet
  • Sun: full sun – part shade
  • Forget Me Nots (woodland)
  • Their spread is: half-inch – to – a- inch
  • Their height is: half-inch – to – a – inch
  • Description: white or yellow eyes with blue petals
  • Watering: medium

Sun: full sun – part shade

Used In Your Garden

If you allow the forget me not to naturalize, that is when they grow their best. The true variety grows best if it is planted straight into the soil.

Especially in the muddy edges at waterlines. They will spread but are not extremely aggressive. The woodland variety grows better in gardens, borders, and near ponds.

How To Grow A Forget Me Not Flower

Growing A Forget Me Not

Normally you would start the growth of a forget me not, which are usually grown annually, indoors. Plant them from seeds about eight weeks ahead of the last forest.

Some will plant them outside a few weeks before the last extremely cold temperatures.

Now if you live in a climate that is warmer.

You will want to plant the seeds around the fall season for the flowers to bloom in the spring.

These dainty little flowers are really simple to grow if the soil that you plant them in is organically enriched.

Remember that they need medium watering and at least a partial amount of shade.

They will thrive in an area that has adequate drainage and is sunny with a little bit of shade. They will grow better in the cooler weather also in places that the summer isn’t constantly hot.

You are able to grow woodlands in pots, but their soil, water, and light needs have to be met. The true ones can be grown in pots as long as they are down in shallow water.

Propagating Them

Forget me not that is of the true variety are simple to propagate. Just divide the roots in spring. These plants seed themselves if you leave them alone.

Cutting their stems can also propagate them in the summer months. Woodland plants should really be grown from seeds because they are prolific self – sown.

Caring For Them

There is no need to try to prevent these flowers from pests or diseases. Neither finds the flowers attractive (guess there is no accounting for taste with some pests).

But the leaves can get rust and mildew on them.

You need to water a plant that is planted in a dry place. Drought, or intense heat, quite a bit. Also, make sure to fertilize them one – to – times every season.

You will need to pull the plants up before they drop seeds if you don’t want them to spread too much.

Different Varieties

Containing a number of varieties is the “Myosotis Genus”. The variety we have discussed here is the “Myosotis Sylvatica”.

There are also other varieties other than the forget me not that are the true ones.

These include the “Myosotis Stricta” which are forgotten me not that are small-flowered. There is also the “Myosotis Latifolia” which are forgotten me not that are broadleaves.

What The Name Means

“Myosotis” has a funny meaning as it means a “mouse’s ear” but that’s the Greek meaning of it. It is in reference to the leaf’s shape. The second part of the name, “Sylvatica” means “from the forest”.

When giving the forget me not their common name, it wasn’t due to the appearance of the plant. It derives from the plant’s symbolism, which means whatever the symbolic meaning of the certain flower is.

The forget me not were originally named by the Germans. The name “Forget Me Not” is an actual translation from them.

The forget me not name has significance to remembering (as in remembering to be a great friend).

Since these flowers focus on remembering, they can hold great importance to family or friends who struggle with the “Old Timer’s Disease”, Alzheimer’s.


Remember to cut the forget me not regularly to encourage more flowers, doesn’t matter if they are planted in pots or in the ground. This will help them to keep their round shape.

Don’t cut branches when you’re clipping them unless you are cutting them for harvesting.

If you have the perennial types then you will need to cut them to the ground late during the fall.

This guide should teach you anything that you need to know about planting, growing, and caring for your beautiful, dainty, little forget me not.

Just remember that they do spread so unless you want an entire yard full of these little beauties, you have to maintain them properly.

Enjoy the beauty that these little flowers will bring to your garden and landscape!

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