Fast-Growing Flowers To Start From Seeds. Ready to get some beautiful flowers in your garden? Planting seeds is the least expensive way to go

Fast-Growing Flowers To Start From Seed

.Fast-Growing Flowers To Start From Seed

Impatient to get some beautiful flowers growing in your garden? Planting seeds is the least expensive way to go.

But planting seeds instead of flowers usually takes until the end of the summer. For the flowers to bloom, right?

Fast-Growing Flowers To Start From SeedWrong! There are fast-growing flowers that you can plant from seeds. They are also great starter flowers for those of us new to planting.

Because most fast-growing flowers don’t require a lot of maintenance. Some of these flowers even bloom twice before summer is over.


For the price, you would pay for a small container with a few flowers in it. You can buy a packet of seeds for a fraction of the cost. That will grow about five times the amount of flowers.

Below is a list of ten of the fastest-growing flowers from seeds. All of them are beautiful, so pick which ones you like and get to planting!


This flower is annual that can grow up to six feet tall. With three-inch, reddish-orange flowers and with slightly dark green leaves.


This s another annual flower, and it grows up to two and a half feet tall and has three-inch flowers. These flowers bloom in a variety of colors from light yellow to bright orange.

Some will have a darker-colored center that really makes them pop. These are great planted in a fruit or veggie garden.

Because they have a scent that insects do not like. And the leaves can actually be used to put in food like a stew. These plants will grow the best in full sun and in rich soil that drains well.


These flowers grow in so many different sizes. You can get ones that can grow up to four – feet tall. Or ones that stay less than twelve inches tall.

If you decide to get the taller ones. You need to know that you will have to tie a stake to them to keep them from folding over and breaking.

These blooms are available in multiple arrays of colors. Except white and black and they are shaped like a tube.

It needs rich, moist soil in an area that will drain well. They need a little shade and not full sun.


These are perennials and the plant can actually grow up to twenty flowers on each plant. Many per stem, and the flowers reach up to three – inches long.

The plant itself can grow up to three-foot-high. It’s a perfect plant to fill in dead spaces in your yard or garden.

Cutting these promotes even more flowers. They need to be planted in full sun with enriched, moist soil that drains well.


Poppies don’t just grow red, they actually have over seventy different ones to pick from. Anywhere from mauve to white. And it has beautiful deep blue-green leaves with flowers that are in a bowl shape.

They can grow as tall as four feet and need to be in partial shade to full sun. They need sandy, rich soil and with moderation in watering.


These beautiful flowers actually attract butterflies. They grow up to sixty – inches tall. The blooms are blue-violet and tiny.

But they grow all along through the leaves. Which creates a wonderful contrast between the flowers and the foliage.

They are a little high maintenance because they need to be pruned often. The blooms will start to bend from their weight and will end up breaking.

They need rich soil that is well-drained, with partial shade to full sun. Make sure to keep the soil slightly moist.


This plant will spread in wet areas. It grows a yellow flower that is about three inches wide. The leaves look kind of like swords.

And the plant itself is about three Рto Рfour feet tall. The flowers will bloom as early as mid-spring. With the soil just a little dry (this keeps them from spreading too much).


This is an annual with long stems that can grow to over five – feet tall. As long as the soil drains well this plant can grow under any bad sol conditions.

The leaves are more like a spring and the blooms grow to over two Рinches. The plant comes in four different colors,  purple, pink, red, and white.

The plus side to this plant is that pollinators are drawn to it. Make sure to keep the soil a little moist and they need full sunlight.

If you put too much fertilizer on this plant it will stunt the growth of the blooms.


A perennial that can grow over three – feet tall with lancet-shaped foliage. They grow about seven bracts.

They are either pink or lavender with yellow blooms on each branch. Butterflies are drawn to these flowers.

These blooms make great fillers for flower bouquets. Plant in partial shade to full sun. And needs to be planted in gritty soil that will drain.


This perennial can grow over two – feet tall and in big clumps. The blooms get over two – inches wide and it has dark green leaves.

The blooms have huge purple middles with lavender or purple petals. One great thing about this plant is that it is disease-resistant and pest resistant.

It also is tolerant of drier weather. That has a dry side to it, in full sunlight.

Hopefully, this helps you to start on a beautiful garden. Or add to one you already have growing.