Should I Cut The Thorns Off A Lemon Tree

Does A Lemon Tree Have Thorns?

Does A Lemon Tree Have Thorns? Almost all types of citrus trees including mandarins, oranges, grapefruits, pomelos, limes do too.

Tangelos and lemons have thorns also.

Does A Lemon Tree Have Thorns?

Nature has provided them with thorns as a mechanical defense system to protect them from herbivores.

But you can cut off the thorns of a lemon tree as it is not going to affect its growth and fertility.

Does A Lemon Tree Have Thorns?

Thorns On A Lemon Tree

In order to grow thorn-less varieties of lemon plants.

Many plant breeders have bred different varieties and got success in introducing a few new varieties.

Thought succeeded in reducing thorns from some of the lemon trees.

But it has been experienced that their fruits are neither large nor delicious.

Why Do Lemon Trees Have Thorns?

Though all type of lemon trees have thorns.

They are normally found more on their wild and natural species.

Normally lemon trees can be divided into two categories.

Including species and breeds produced by humans known as cultivars.

The trees are grown in the natural wild environment.

Come in the category of species unless they are not bred by humans.

The trees that come in the category of cultivars may include.

Cross breed plants between two cultivars or a cultivar and species.

The main purpose of growing cultivar lemon plants is to get delicious and beautiful fruits.

So, wild lemon plants have more thorns than cultivars.


Thorns grow on lemon trees to benefit them in various ways.

The main purpose of these thorns is to protect the leaves.

These trees from being eaten up by animals searching for their food.

They are part of the defense mechanism provided by the nature.

To protect lemon plants from herbivorous living beings.

Several desert plants are grown in dryer climates.

Also, have thorns instead of leaves to conserve water.

Actually, a lot of water conserved by the plant can evaporate from the large surface area of the leaves.

So, nature has provided more thorns to the plants grown in deserts than leaves.


No, thorns on lemon trees are not poisonous.

As they do not contain any injurious compounds still you should not ignore them.

If you have been pricked by thorns of the lemon tree.

You must consult a professionally trained healthcare provider.

Or a doctor as it can cause medical issues if not cared for a long time.

When you are pricked by thorns on a lemon tree.

The risk of infection of micro-organisms or irritation on your skin can increase as they will puncture your skin.

Should I Cut The Thorns Off A Lemon Tree?

Lemon tree thorns can also irritate and cause pain in cuts.

Because they usually scratch some essential oil and other elements from the lemon fruits on the tree.


No, thorns on a citrus tree do not affect the production of fruits on it.

Actually, the thorns are found on most of the citrus plants grown in the wild.

Protecting them and their fruits from living beings searching for food.

The number of thorns on certain varieties of lemon trees.

Has been reduced by some of the professional breeders during the last few decades.

Some of the cultivar lemon plants have fewer or no thorns.

They usually have thorny shoots growing from their rootstock.

You should cut off these shoots because they can affect the growth of its fruits against your expectations.

However, if you plant grafted lemon plants in your garden.

You will have to take care of them as they may or may not have thorns.


You can easily remove thorns from a lemon tree.

It will not be harmful to your lemon tree if you prune its thorns.

To reduce the chances of any kind of infectious disease.

You should always use clean tools while pruning the thorns of your lemon tree.

Also, you should disinfect your pruner by rubbing a disinfectant or alcohol on it before starting to cut thorns.

You should remove thorns while grafting a lemon tree.

While grafting, thorns should be removed from the vegetative trunk.

Or scion and the root portion called stock to seal both of them properly and safely so that they can heal up fast.

So you can cut the thorns of your lemon tree while grafting it as well as to improve its looks.

But you should cut them carefully.

Any cut caused by the thorns can also cause infection in your skin punctured by them.