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Do Ticks Live In Pine Trees

Do Ticks Live In Pine Trees? After much research on this subject. I’ve found different answers to this question. But basically, the answer is no.

Ticks do not live in pine trees or any tree. Can you find a tick in a pine tree? Yes, you probably can, but as a rule, they do not live in any trees.

Mainly, ticks live on hosts that are close to the ground. Mice, cats, dogs, anything with hair or fur. If they aren’t on a host then they can be found in tall grass and even in the dirt.

We have ticks everywhere in the United States. There are many different species but very few actually bite or transmit any kind of disease.

The ones who do bite, well, each species can pass on a different type of disease.

People have a lot of questions about these annoying insects so let’s get some answers to these questions.

Can Ticks Fly or Jump?

Ticks do not do either of those. They crawl wherever they go. If you find a tick on your upper body, it didn’t jump or fly there. It crawled up your body or clothes. They move from animals to people when we are close enough to touch. Their main host is usually near the ground, like on mice or at the highest usually knee level like when they’re on vegetation.

Ticks can usually be found in underbrush or thick, tall grass. This is just one of many reasons to keep your grass cut and your garden weeded. It helps to reduce the places that ticks find to hide.

How Do I Protect My Kids and Pets?

pest control

As previously stated, keep your grass cut, garden weeded, and brush piles cleared. These are all hiding places for ticks. There are sprays that you can buy to treat your yard that will help to keep ticks away. You may even want to hire a professional pest control company to come in and spray your yard.

What is The White Sheet Test?

Before you treat your yard for ticks, there is a test that can tell you how bad the tick population is on your land. This is called the white sheet or white flag test.

To perform the test you simply take a white sheet and drag it around the ground of your property. Ticks with grab on to the sheet and this will tell you how bad the tick concentration is in your yard.

Is There Any Physical Border I Can Use To Protect My Yard?

There really is not anything that you can do to create a physical barrier or anything that you can build that will keep ticks off of your land. The most you can do is, after spraying to treat your yard, put up some kind of border to let your children and guests know where the yard has been sprayed and where it hasn’t. This will tell them where it’s safe and where there is a high population of ticks.

How Long Can Ticks Live Indoors?

It all depends on what kind of tick you have. A dear tick is one of the most common ticks. They cannot survive long on the inside because they dry out. They can only survive in high humidity atmospheres. Now, if the tick is on something that has moisture in it, like a damp towel, then it can survive for a few days. But, normally, an unfed tick that is indoors will not live more than twenty – four hours.

How Can I Protect Myself In The Woods?

Your best protection while in the woods is your clothes and insect repellant. Spray yourself with the repellant before you get dressed. Once dressed make sure to tuck your shirt into your pants then tuck your pants into your socks. Eliminate any opening in your clothes that you can. Once you are completely dressed, spray any skin that is not covered and also spray your clothes..

Once you come out of the woods, always make sure to check yourself for ticks!

Some ticks carry an extremely serious disease called “Lyme Disease”. Most of the cases that happen usually occur around the home.

This disease is deadly! So please, keep your property sprayed, keep your grass cut short, and keep your garden weeded.

This is the best defense you have in keeping your family and your pets safe!