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Black Locust Tree Seeds (Robinia pseudoacacia) 40+Seeds

Black Locust Tree Seeds (Robinia pseudoacacia) 40+Seeds

Product Description

The Black Locust tree is a quick-growing, extremely tough, loose, open tree with compound leaves that drop in pieces, creating little debris.

Its fragrant white flowers are beloved by bees. Very few trees cast a lovelier dappled shade. It is rather brittle tending to lose branches in the wind.

Virtually any soil is suitable and its seeds and suckers freely Are the parent of many cultivators and natives from New York to Georgia and into the Midwest


Black Locust Tree Seeds

Black Locusts are a good tree for erosion control, land reclamation, and for durable hardwood that grows extremely fast. They benefit wildlife, can be used for fence posts and hardwood lumber, and produce very fragrant flowers in Spring.

Black Locust Tree Facts

  • Growth Rate – Black Locust Trees can grow up to 4′ per year when young. Typically 2′ per year once several years old.
  • Black Locust Tree Growing Zone – Hardy from USDA zones 3-8. Check your USDA zone here.
  • A Black Locust Tree can start producing seeds as early as 6 years old [1]
  • Seed of the Black Locust Tree is consumed by many species of game birds including grouse, quail, pheasant, and turkey.
  • Black Locust is one of the hardest domestic hardwoods of North America, coming in over 1700 lbs Janka Hardness
  • The scientific name of the Black Locust is Robinia pseudoacacia
  • Famous for its rot resistance, the heartwood of Black Locust is reported to be one of the most rot-resistant woods in North America