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10 FACTS about TREES

10 FACTS about TREES | Top Curious – YouTube

Many cultures hold a belief that the world was formed from a central axis a sacred tree which held the skies together.

10 FACTS about TREES

This is why many different civilizations have had trees that have been venerated and considered sacred.

Either way trees almost seem to be outside time and their long lives grant them a special energy.

As well as an air of grandeur thus the image of a tree transmits strength and stability to us.

A tree can give us fruits would shave but what do we know about them today in top curious we’ll show you 10 facts

About these tall and vital living beings trees are the most ancient living organisms on earth.

They’ve survived the passage of time without ever becoming extinct at any point of the planet’s history.

Since trees came to be up until today there have been trees on earth.

A family with four members requires the oxygen produced by two trees to be able to live.

Trees need about 2000 litres of water per year.

Trees don’t die because of age. They only die because of insects people and or diseases trees live off air they absorb.

10 FACTS about TREES

90% of their nutrients from the surrounding environment only absorb 10% of their nutrients from the floor there are eucalyptus trees.

In Hawaii with rainbow colored natural bark. Believe it or not trees communicate with each other.

They do it through their roots and fungi these connections. Allow them to transmit nutrients chemical compounds and even slow electrical movements.

That warn other trees about nearby.

Danger trees can also defend themselves for instance when elm trees or Pines are being devoured by caterpillars they produce.

Pheromones that attract parasitic wasps these wasps then lay eggs inside the caterpillars and the wasp offsprings devour the caterpillars from the inside.

The oldest tree in the world is four thousand eight hundred and forty seven years old.

It was named Methuselah as a reference to the oldest biblical character the tree is located in the Inyo National Forest in the middle of California USA.

Hyperion is the tallest tree and living being on the entire planet its eleven point five five five meters tall and is located in the Redwood National Park in the north of San Francisco California.

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