10 Benefits That Trees Provide To Us As a Society

10 Benefits That Trees Provide To Us As a Society. It should be noted that the tree cover in American cities is decreasing more and more.

10 Benefits That Trees Provide To Us As a Society

According to a study that was published by the US Forest Service last year.
We have lost 36 million trees each year.
In total in both urban and rural communities during a specific period of 5 years.
This is a drop of at least 1% between 2009-2014.

The United States Lose a Total of 36 Million Trees Each Year

If we continue down this path, cities will be warmer.
More polluted, and all of this means less healthy for their inhabitants.
Garry tells us that there are different reasons why the tree canopy can decrease.
Here tornadoes, fires, hurricanes, insects, or even certain diseases are included.
But there is only one reason why we lose these trees.
The possibility that humans control everything that has to do with sustainable development.
Without a doubt, the most effective way to tackle climate change is to plant at least 1 billion trees:

We can see that the roof changes to be waterproof.

This means that when we look at the photos, what was there is going to be replaced.
Well a parking lot or by a building if necessary, according to Marcell.
The urban population of the United States is around 80% of the total.
Most of them live in regions with forests along both coasts.
When a building or a road is built, for example, a tree is cut or added.
It will not only affect locally but also everything that is around such as the region.

This study has assessed the loss of trees.

In terms of the role they play in eliminating air pollution and conserving energy.
2- 10 Benefits That Trees Provide To Us As a Society
According to Garry, there are a total of 10 benefits that trees provide to us as a society. They are the following:
– Reduction of heat: the trees will provide a good shade for office buildings. Parks, homes, and roads, for this, they cool the surface temperatures.
They may absorb and evaporate water. It is responsible for cooling the air around. All you have to do is walk in the shade of a tree in the middle of summer. You will have something that only with the grass you cannot.

10 Benefits That Trees Provide To Us As a Society

The total benefit of the temperature, with the coverage of the trees. Must be greater than 40% of the area to cool. According to another recent study by the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences.
The apple alone should be covered by the leafy network of branches and leaves according to its authors.
– Reduction of air pollution: trees are responsible. Removing all carbon to eliminate all polluting gases in the atmosphere at that time.
– Reduction of energy emissions: trees will reduce the cost of energy. By approximately 4 billion dollars a year, according to Marcell. This is because the shade of the trees. Will cause the buildings to considerably reduce the energy and cost of air conditioning.
If you want the trees, the buildings are heated. Also, you use more air conditioning and you burn the energy fuel that the plants have. Thus, both the pollution and the emissions will increase considerably.
– Improve water quality: trees are water filters. They are responsible for absorbing dirty surface water. Which they do by absorbing nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil.

Reduce flooding: this is done by absorbing the water. And reducing the runoff that goes to each stream that is on the road.

– Reduction of ambient noise: the trees are going to be in charge in addition to diverting the sound. One of those reasons is that it is going to be lined up by the roads along the fences. Or between the neighborhoods or the highways. It is possible to add sound. Thanks to the singing of the birds and the windblown by the leaves. This type of noise is beneficial for the human mind.
– Protection against UV radiation. These trees will open a percentage close to 100% on ultraviolet radiation, according to Garry.
– Improved aesthetics. You can ask an expert who is dedicated to architecture. Urban planning, or selling flats: Trees and leaves tend to improve the appearance and value of properties.
– Improving human health. Some studies find connections between exposure to natural landscapes. And their elements with good physical and mental health.
There are even hospitals that have tree and plantation visits for certain patients. Doctors may prescribe nature walks for families because of this evidence. Lower blood pressure and stress-related hormones. Besides, this study shows lower mortality rates with living in green areas.
– Tree planning: yes, trees have a disadvantage. Such as different allergies to pollen or the risk of any branch falling in the storm.
But there are different ways in which trees can be managed by city or county. Authorities to help these communities thrive. It is not possible to jump directly to plant trees where it fits. They must be managed and maintained when necessary.

We are not going to plant a tree in the middle of any field. It will not be easy to practice sports. With trees planted there, or even in the middle of the highways.

It is possible to design and admire the treetops within the city. So that they help to the maximum both the air and the water. So that it is finally good for our well-being.
– Replacing fallen trees: It is a challenge to repopulate an urban environment with so much asphalt and pavement. Unlike those rural areas.
Many of these trees will not have a place to drop their fruit or for them to regenerate.
The arrival of the tourist cruises will still help the forests. The community will enter and plant a tree in those areas that will not be natural.
But with this the work will not be complete. The young trees will take root. Therefore, there are organizations such as Marcell’s. And volunteers who consider caring for these trees for most of the year. Until they are mature and propagate independently.
You have to be very patient when planting any tree. As it may not be up to the challenge of growing next to the pavement.

How to help stop this loss of trees.

a) We must protect everything we have: The first step will be to take care of the trees that are inside the property. Marcell says that if we pay for our house, we have to maintain it. But by not paying for naturalization. It will not be necessary, but this is not actually true.
b) Prune the branches that are dead inside the trees: If the trees are still small, you can do it yourself. But if you do not feel prepared, you can hire a company. The risk that the branches may cause some type of damage to the house. Less when there is a maintenance of the trees.
c) Be attentive to where the trees may have some kind of problem: On many occasions, we can see that there are things that do not go as we would like. A good example is the loss of leaves from the branches or their own breakage. Also, fungi can grow by at the base or even inside the trees.
You can hire an expert in tree canopies. Or in any of these ways to better assess the health of the trees on your property with an annual period. Besides, if you want to obtain some type of advice. You have available the local agricultural extension office that corresponds to you to contact them.

d) If it is not necessary, do not remove those old trees: You can try to do other small actions, such as removing branches.

It takes a long time for very large trees to grow 50-100 years. Once they have reached their fullness. They can live a great number of years without problems.
But if you want to get a tree that is large, to replant it elsewhere. There is no guarantee that this will be achieved. Something that also happens with the little ones. Also, it will take them longer to grow than in normal conditions.
e) Allow trees to grow in your garden: You have to bear in mind that lacquer person is different and we like different things. But if you want to have relaxed patios. This is the cheapest way and your energy bills will also go down. Besides, we will be able to control floods and noise in a very cheap way.
Marcell always laughs when neighbors ask him. Why his own property has no more trees? He points out that it is because he listens to people with lawnmowers.
The seeds that fall have to have their own opportunity to the implant. The constant cut will prevent it. You can ask yourself the following situation: That you do not like where a new seedling is being born and growing. You will have to dig up and plant it wherever you want. So your new tree will grow whenever you want.
f) Get informed about the trees and participate: Many of these cities tend to have different ordinances on the trees. That they want to protect those trees that are ancient and that are of greater importance. You can participate without problems in the meetings of this council. That come from the city. Plus, you can help this city plant trees. By joining one of these local non-profit volunteer groups.

Executive Summary

The United States is losing 36 million trees each year. With a drop of at least 1% between 2009-2014. This can be attributed to human control over sustainable development. And  it has a great impact on the urban population which makes up 80% of the total population.
Trees provide many benefits to society such as reducing heat, air pollution, energy emissions. water quality, flooding, noise, UV radiation, and improving aesthetics and health.
There are different ways to manage and maintain trees. To help communities thrive such as pruning dead branches. Being attentive to any problems that may arise, and avoiding removing old trees if not necessary. 🌳
  • Problem Statement: The United States is losing 36 million trees each year. Due to human control over sustainable development.

  • Proposed Solution: To protect what we have, prune dead branches, be attentive to any problems that may arise. And avoid removing old trees if not necessary.

  • Expected Value: Trees provide many benefits to society such as reducing heat. Air pollution, energy emissions, water quality, flooding, noise. UV radiation, and improving aesthetics and health.

  • Impact and Next Steps: There are different ways to manage and maintain trees. To help communities thrive such as pruning dead branches. Being attentive to any problems that may arise. And avoiding removing old trees if not necessary.🌳

10 Benefits That Trees Provide To Us As a Society.