When Should Crepe Myrtles Be Pruned

When Should Crepe Myrtles Be Pruned?

When Should Crepe Myrtles Be Pruned? The best time of the year for pruning these trees will be from late winter to the early part of spring.

During summer as well as nice-looking bark during winter.

While these trees are popular plants in the landscape for lots of individuals, a question might arise regarding went to prune crepe myrtles.

When Should Crepe Myrtles Be Pruned

Although it is not imperative to prune these trees for maintaining their health.

Many individuals prefer to do so for encouraging new growth or making the tree appear tidy and neat.

Once you have made the decision to prune these trees in your yard.

You might be thinking of what time would be the best to get the job done.

This particular question can have different answers depending on the reason why you would like to prune the crepe myrtles.

On most occasions, you are pruning the trees for general maintenance or for forcing them to get a second bloom in one year.

In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the different seasons when you can consider pruning crape myrtles.


During the winter months of December to February, the crape myrtles tend to be dormant.

Even though the leaves might start falling from the tree during late fall, it might take approximately one month before the falling of all the leaves.

According to experts. During this time, the tree is completely dormant while the branches become exposed due to a lack of leaves.

These leafless branches will provide you with a proper view of the shrub’s structure and frame.

This month will be appropriate for pruning out the plant’s interior so as to enhance the circulation of air.

Check whether there are any dead, broken, or diseased branches out there and get them removed.

In case you are training the tree to a tree shape.

Make it a point to prune off the branches present on the lower trunk and also get rid of any suckers at the plant’s base.

In case you make cuts during February, it often develops fresh growth in spring and is going to flower during summer.

When Should Crepe Myrtles Be Pruned? Pruning In Spring

The tree continues to be dormant up to March and sometimes even up to April.

They will be showing fresh growth by May and start setting buds for flowers.

During March or the early part of April, limit your aesthetic pruning while cutting those branches which are not showing fresh growth.

In case you cut any new growth during this time, it will reduce the tree’s flower production during summer.

In case any broken, diseased, or dead branches were not removed in February.

Don’t hesitate to prune them now. You should perform this sort of maintenance pruning all through the year for preventing the spread of diseases.

In case you are pruning because of a tree shape, go on removing any lateral branches or suckers.

When Should Crepe Myrtles Be Pruned? Pruning In Summer.

The start of the blooming season of the crape myrtle will be indicated by the arrival of June.

However, it might begin several weeks prior to or following the beginning of summer.

At this time, you should restrict your pruning to removing the branches only for enhancing the health of the plant.

Moreover, make sure to get rid of any lateral branches or suckers in case you are pruning the tree to a tree shape.

You might like to trim off the dead flowers while summer passes through August and July.

Although performing this can lead to a second bloom period, the tender fresh growth might be damaged by the impending winter.

Getting rid of seed pods from the tree toward the conclusion of summer will assist in controlling unwanted seedlings appearing in the yard.


As the weather becomes cool the development of the tree is going to stop and the leaves will start falling as well.

Pruning these trees during fall might make them vulnerable to freeze damage.

Fresh growth will be encouraged by pruning which might not endure cold conditions.

Similar to the other times of the year, it will be a good idea to get rid of the branches along with the suckers for enhancing the tree’s health.

Otherwise, allow the tree to rest from September to November.

Do not perform any kind of pruning until late winter.