When Is The Best Time To Prune Oak Trees?

When Is The Best Time To Prune Oak Trees

When Is The Best Time To Prune Oak Trees?  Best Time to Prune Oak Trees. Oak trees are big and beautiful. They have huge canopies that provide plenty of shade.

But for the same reasons, these trees need regular pruning. As the oak tree tends to grow branches and make its canopy larger and denser, the lower branches in the interior of the canopy do not get enough sunlight. This results in the oak tree becoming weaker.

The need for the pruning of the oak trees also arises because the oak tree is likely to be used for its timber and it, therefore, is expected to grow vertically and stronger. To achieve this objective, an oak tree would require pruning at least once a year.


The best time to prune Oak trees is in the late winter which is from December to March. Pruning the oak tree in winter gives it enough time to heal its wounds and recover quickly in the salubrious month of spring.

Another reason for pruning the oak tree in winter is that it reduces the chance of oak wilt infection. Oak wilt is an infectious fungal disease that can spread to other healthy oak trees by way of sap-feeding beetles.

Oak wilt infection starts from the open wound on the oak tree. Where sap-feeding beetles and other insects throng to feed on the oak’s sap.

Oak wilt infections are more common in spring through early summer.

Around the same time, an infected tree produces fungal material called spore mats. Beetles that feed on the oak’s sap transmit the fungal infection from one oak tree to another. During winter neither oak tree produces fungal material, not beetles are around.

For keeping the oak tree healthy, it is important that the tree does not get diseased. A dense canopy makes the oak tree unkempt and liable to fall in a storm or heavy wind.

To keep the tree healthy, dead and decaying branches need to be removed from the tree.

Once you have done the trimming and pruning, the tree starts to look beautiful and healthy.


Different methods of trimming and pruning are required for new and old oak trees. A new plant may not immediately need pruning. After 3-4 years of plantation, developmental pruning can begin.

Initially, only dead and broken branches should be removed from the young trees. Before pruning, sterilize your tools by dipping them into a beach-water solution in a ratio of 1:9.

While pruning, find the most dominant branch, one that goes vertically up, and establish it for the tree to get its height. If you allow more leader branches, the tree will not become as stronger as it should be.

For trimming and pruning old and mature trees.

you need to think about many things. But the most important thing is to maintain the crown canopy. You need enough branches and leaves so that the tree is able to make its food and survive.

Pruning is also necessary to make the canopy a little thinner so that the sunlight can reach everywhere on the tree.


An oak tree needs trimming and pruning to maintain its health and growth. But cutting the branches means leaving an open wound for insects and fungus to breed and cause damage to the tree.

The infection can spread to other healthy trees as well. However, if you prune an oak tree in late winter from December to March, you will have good results.

There are fewer chances of infections and diseases setting in your oak tree.