Tree Removal Cost Louisville KY

Tree Removal Cost Louisville KY

Tree Removal Cost Louisville KY, Tree Height 1st
10 feet $180.00
20 feet $210.00
30 feet $275.00
40 feet $460.00
50 feet $570.00
60 feet $780.00
70 feet $1030.00
80 feet $1925.00

How To Calculate Tree Height?

Tree Removal Cost Louisville KY
From the bottom of your tree, measure 5 feet up and mark the tree with colored tape so it is visible. With a measuring tape in hand, step away from the tree until the line on the tree is equal to the 1” mark on your tape.

While keeping your hands in front of you so that 1”=5 feet, raise the tape until it visually reaches the top of your tree. Take note of how many inches you raised the tape and multiply that number by 5. This final number will provide you with the tree height.


Diameter of Trunk
1-12 inches add $19.00
13-15 inches add $75.00
16-18 inches add $95.00
19-23 inches add $145.00
24-28 inches add $215.00
29-32 inches add $290.00
33-36 inches add $405.00
37-42 inches add $530.00

How To Calculate Trunk Diameter?

How To Calculate Trunk Diameter
Measure from ground up and mark your tree at 4.5-feet. At this very spot, take your tape measure from one side to the other to get the diameter of your tree in inches.

Percent of tree overhanging a structure
no overhang (no extra cost)
10% overhang add $45.00
25% overhang add $85.00
50% overhang add $145.00
75% overhang add $240.00

How To Calculate Property Overhang?

If any part of your tree hangs over your home or another building, measure and provide the percentage. Estimate as best you can.

Distance from driveable surface
less than 10 feet no extra cost

15-30 feet add $15.00
31-50 feet add $30.00
51-60 feet add $65.00
61-80 feet add $150.00
81-100+ feet add $300.00

Utility pole interference
wires runnung through tree
add $100.00


If there are any power lines or poles?near your tree, measure the distance between them. Your Louisville utility company may need to be contacted prior to tree removal.


Tree Removal Cost Louisville KY

This cost is based on an average number of jobs we completed, and may not include cost of disposal fees specific to Jefferson County. Contact Marcells Tree Service for an exact price. 502-245-TREE (8733)

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