Tree Care Tips And Treatments

Tree Planting can be Lifesaving

Tree Planting can be Lifesaving. Tree planting is so beneficial to your environment and also to all of us in several ways.

This is to say that, simply putting more trees in your surroundings might end up being a lifesaving move. That explains why lots of environmentalists often campaign toward planting as many trees as possible.

Tree Planting can be Lifesaving

All you need to do is dig a spacious hole and bury the roots of a tree seedling in it, after which you dedicate your life to making sure it grows into a tree.

There are three major types of trees available as seedlings in most nurseries, they include:


  • Bare root trees
  • Balled and Burlapped trees
  • Container Grown Trees
Tree Planting
Balled and Burlapped

Can you imagine how special and sacred tree planting was to the Jewish Israelites?

They even believed that the act of planting trees was holier than meeting the messiah.

This, therefore, confirms that it is as profitable as any other thing that prolongs life on earth.

Therefore there are several reasons why we need to plant a lot of trees.

Actually, we should plant more than twice the number of trees we takedown.

Some of the purposes served by planting trees are explained as follows:



Tree Planting

Forestry refers to the art of planting trees.

With an intention of creating a manmade forest.

Or repairing an already existing forest that has lost a lot of trees.

The motive of this is to ensure a balanced ecosystem.

Since man has to use trees to manufacture several necessities.

Forestry is intended to promote.

That and still be able to maintain a conducive environment that has enough trees.


Water Mulch and Stake

Beauty never ends in the eye of the beholder, that’s all of us.

Nobody is repelled from it.

That is why landscaping simply aims at making your compound more attractive to the eye.

Landscapers work to improve the look of your backyard or house front.

They apply gardening techniques with beautiful designs and plant trees.

Improving the appearance of your property, be it a home, office area, or rental.

This is mostly associated with the real estate business.

Land Reclamation


On the other hand, land reclamation.

The art of tree planting to repair land destroyed by activities.

Like erosion or generating land from river banks and lakeshores, etc.

Land can be reclaimed for a specific use or as a way of mending an eroded land.

Or land destroyed by phenomena like earthquakes.

Benefits of Tree Planting


Tree Planting

Climatic control


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The more trees you plant, the higher chances of trapping rainfall in that region.

In other words, apart from forming water catchment areas.

Trees and forests can greatly improve the climatic conditions of any region.

Areas with more trees are always less hostile than arid and semi-arid areas that lack trees totally.


Tree Planting can be Lifesaving To You And Your Family.

Again trees can be planted for just decorative purposes.

A good tree planting pattern can give your garden or backyard a superb look.



Tree Care Tips And Treatments

Trees provide shades and resting places.

Most camping sites, arboretums, parks, and any other resting places.

Rely a lot on trees as their source of shades and fresh ventilation.

Industrial uses

Financial forestry explains how trees are planted to provide for industrial needs.

In order to prevent deforestation, individuals or organizations grow their own trees.

To serve their intended purpose without interfering with the environment.