Arborist vs Tree Surgeon

Tree Monitoring and Healthcare Service

Tree Monitoring and Healthcare Service. Kentucky is well known for its beautiful trees. Our homes benefit from their majestic presence. They also add value and comfort to our lives.

Tree Monitoring and Healthcare Service

Currently, many of Louisville’s urban trees are close to the end of their life cycle. In fact the trees in Cherokee Park, St. Matthews, and nearby neighborhoods are 75-100 years old.

Tree Monitoring and Healthcare Service

The trees are showing signs of decline. Through root decay, encroachment of walks and driveways, and stress from canker worms.

Your trees need your attention. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take action now to protect the health of your trees.

Marcells Tree Service recommends that you have your trees regularly inspected by a professional arborist.

Through proactive monitoring and inspection.

Marcells Tree Service can discover weaknesses in your trees, and recommend treatments to prolong their health and life.

Don’t risk the heath of your valuable asset. Call Marcells Tree Service today to learn more about how our arborists.

They can monitor and care for your trees to keep them healthy and safe for many years into the future.

Our Tree Care Services Include:

  • Initial evaluation of the health of your trees
  • Regular bi-annual monitoring service for proactive preventative care
  • Treatments to rot and decay cavities to minimize further damage
  • Deep root fertilization and soil amendment services
  • Insect infestation treatments
  • Pruning of dead and/or dangerous limbs and branches

Let us save your trees! Contact Marcells Tree Service today for a professional evaluation of your trees and tree healthcare solutions.