Strawberry Dog Macarons Treats

Strawberry Dog Macarons Treats – Luxury Handmade Gourmet

Strawberry Dog Macarons Treats – Luxury Handmade Gourmet – Dog Gifts & Birthday Presents – Premium Healthy & Delicious Snack – Made in The USA.

Strawberry Dog Macarons Treats – With All Natural Organic Ingredients by Bonne et Filou

About this item

  • BOX OF 6 DOG MACARONS – PACKAGING MAY VARY – 100% NATURAL HUMAN-GRADE INGREDIENTS: Our dog macarons are made of oat flour, honey, coconut oil & strawberry yogurt filling. Box of 6 macarons. Adored by humans and pets alike, the strawberry is the crème de la crème of fruits. This naturally flavored macaron treat will be a pink party in your dog’s mouth.

Luxury Handmade Gourmet Strawberry Dog Macarons Treats

  • A TASTE OF FRANCE, HANDMADE IN THE USA: Our 100% natural recipe is handmade in the USA (in small batches). And is free of artificial coloring or any preservatives. Our human-grade ingredients are all healthy for dogs. Corn-free, wheat-free, and sourced from local suppliers. The unique stylish packaging is inspired by French patisseries. A perfect luxury dog treats.
  • HEALTHY FOR DOGS: We use only clean ingredients from the USA and are endorsed by veterinarians. So you can trust these dog macarons to be healthy for your dog. For smaller dogs, we recommend warming it up for 15-20 seconds. Cut them up into smaller pieces, and let your pup enjoy it.
  • GREAT DAY-TO-DAY TREATS OR GIFTS FOR DOGS. Unlike human macarons, our luxury dog macarons are healthy enough for a day-to-day snack. Our dog macarons are also a perfect gift for your dog or dog-loving friend. They make a great alternative to a dog birthday cake. Or any gifts! Great for Christmas dog treats!
  • TREAT YOUR DOG (BIG OR SMALL) LIKE ROYALTY! Our treats are hard, and designed for a long-lasting chew. And fit all dog sizes (big or small, puppy or elderly, etc.). Cut in smaller pieces for small dogs. Shelf life of 12+ months. No need for refrigeration.

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