Outdoor Fireplaces For Your Patio

Outdoor Fireplaces For Your Patio

Outdoor Fireplaces For Your Patio. What is the difference between a fire pit and a fireplace?

There are many differences but a few of the main ones are:

  • Wind will blow out the fire in a fire pit but not a fireplace.
  • The fire pit is lower to the ground and doesn’t block your view of things like a fireplace does.
  • A fireplace does not get as hot as a fire pit does.
  • Fire pits are much harder to light than a fireplace is.

Outdoor Fireplaces For Your Patio

Both have their pros and cons.

Now for those of you who have decided on an outdoor fireplace for your home.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best ones with their specifications.


  • Dimensions: 35.43 length x 23.62 width x 56.69 height
  • Material: black steel, bronze highlights with powder – coating, and rust-resistance
  • Title: Natural stone ceramic
  • Weight: one – hundred – thirteen – pounds

This fireplace includes removable grating and fireplace tools.

It has functional doors with a spark screen for protection.

Does require assembly on some things.

Sunjoy is the leading outdoor structure maker of ready-to-assemble fireplace products.

You won’t have to worry about the smoke getting in your face.

Which way the wind is going to make the smoke blow.

Another worry that you won’t have is the wind blowing the fire out.

All of this is thanks to the built-in chimney.

It has a mesh spark screen to protect you from hot embers and ashes.

Since the grating is removable it makes cleaning up all the ash inside super easy.


This fireplace will burn either real wood logs or the artificial kind of logs.

It’s made of a heavy cast-iron build and extreme high temp paint bronze finish.

The large sliding door makes adding fuel simple and it allows an easy clean-up of the ashes.

It has a complete three – hundred – sixty – degree fire view.

  • Included with it are a fire tool and log grate.
  • It stands at a little over fifty – inches high.
  • This is a beautiful addition to your backyard patio.


This fireplace features an access door w/latch for taking care of the fire.

Along with a three-hundred-sixty-degree view.

It has a sturdy twenty-five-inch x twenty and a half-inch housing.

That is enclosed for your protection from burning embers and sparks.

Included in this package are a chrome-plated cooking grill and a wooden grating.

  • You can burn wood in it and it is painted with a strong high temp enamel.
  • It features a large chimney that routes smoke up and away from you.
  • You won’t need any tools to assemble this fireplace and it comes with a two-year guarantee.


Dimensions: 81.5 length x 24.02 width x 48.03 height


  • black steel w/bronze highlights.
  • That have a powder – coating.
  • And rust-resistance
  • manufactured stone


  • almost three – hundred – eighty-six – pounds

Included in this fireplace package:

  • Is a removable grating.
  • A fireplace tool.
  • And functioning doors.
  • Spark screen to protect from burning hot embers and ashes.

It does require a bit of assembly.

A classic design to it will add beauty to any traditional d├ęcor setting you have.

Firepits allow smoke to go whichever way the wind blows.

You won’t have that to be concerned with due to the chimney.

With a grating that is removable.

It makes for simple ash clean-up.

The built-in shelving on both sides encourages you to display your best outdoor decorations.

It comes with underneath storage that’s perfect for storing your wood.


Dimensions: 22 width x 18 depth x 48 height


  • cast iron


  • 260 pounds

This fireplace is great for anywhere on your patio.

The firebox on this fireplace is huge. It can hold twenty full-sized logs at one time.

  • A huge plus is that it has almost no smoke when it burns.
  • It’s simple to clean and simple to get lit.

Also, it comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Most fireplaces last five-ten years. This company builds fireplaces that will last a lifetime.

Out of all the fireplaces they build, this one is the largest.

You can even cook your dinner on it as you enjoy the fireplace.

It holds pizza pans that are over fourteen – inches.

They also carry a complete line of parts to replace anything on it.

If I had my choice, I would purchase the Blue Rooster fireplace.

But this is all about your preference, your budget, and what you are looking for in an outdoor fireplace.

Whichever outdoor fireplace you decide on, you are sure to enjoy everything it offers.