landscaping around a tree

Landscaping Around A Tree: A Guide to Enhancing Your Garden

Landscaping around a tree can greatly enhance the beauty and functionality of your garden.


landscaping around a tree

Trees provide shade, structure, and a sense of permanence in your landscape design, and with the right approach, you can make the most of these features to create a stunning and cohesive outdoor space. In this blog post, we’ll explore various landscaping ideas and techniques for effectively incorporating trees into your garden design.

Choose Complementary Plants

When landscaping around trees, it’s important to select plants that thrive in the same conditions as the tree itself. This means choosing plants that have similar water, light, and soil requirements. For example, shade-loving plants like hostas, ferns, and impatiens are excellent choices for planting beneath large, canopy trees. These plants not only add visual interest but also help to create a lush, layered appearance.

Create a Tree Island

If you have a large tree dominating your landscape, consider creating a tree island. This is an area of garden bed that encircles the tree trunk and is filled with plants, mulch, and sometimes even hardscaping elements. A tree island can serve as an attractive focal point in your garden and help to protect the tree’s roots from damage caused by foot traffic or lawn mowers.

Utilize Ground Covers

Adding ground covers around trees can help to prevent erosion and suppress weeds, while also providing visual interest. Some great ground cover options include creeping thyme, vinca, and ajuga. These plants typically spread quickly and form a dense carpet of foliage, creating a low-maintenance, attractive base around your trees.

Incorporate Hardscaping Elements

Including hardscaping elements like stepping stones, pavers, or decorative rocks can provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your tree landscaping. Hardscaping not only adds contrast to the surrounding foliage but also helps to create designated pathways, preventing damage to tree roots and surrounding plants.

Add Seating

Incorporating seating around trees can create a serene, shaded area for relaxation and enjoyment. Consider adding a circular bench or a few comfortable chairs around the base of your tree to create a peaceful retreat. This not only enhances the overall appeal of your garden but also encourages you and your guests to spend more time outside.

Light Up the Night

Adding landscape lighting around trees can dramatically transform your garden’s ambiance. Consider using uplights to illuminate the tree trunks and canopies, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Solar-powered lights are an eco-friendly and energy-efficient option that can be easily installed and relocated as needed.

Don’t Forget Mulch

Mulching around trees is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has numerous benefits for the health of your tree. Mulch helps to retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and suppress weeds. Be sure to leave a gap of a few inches between the mulch and the tree trunk to prevent issues like rot and pest infestations.


landscaping around a tree can greatly enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your garden. By incorporating complementary plants, ground covers, hardscaping elements, seating, and landscape lighting, you can create a stunning outdoor space that showcases your trees while providing a serene retreat for relaxation and enjoyment. Don’t forget to add mulch for added benefits and always keep the health of your trees in mind when designing your landscape.

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