landscaping around a tree

Ideas For Landscaping Around Trees. Make The Area Of Your Trees Better.

Ideas For Landscaping Around Trees

Want to make the area around your trees look better or just want to make them a little more eye-catching. But can’t come up with ideas of how to do that? We might have a few ideas that you would like to try with your trees. Read through them and see if any of these ideas might be what you are looking for.

_Stone Bed_

I love this idea because of its beauty and the fact that it covers all of the soil around the tree. Now all landscaping has to use flowers and plants. This choice for landscaping your trees allows you to make the edge as far out as you wish and then just pour stones in to fill it up. Simple yet beautiful.

_Ornamental Grass_

This grass can grow in the shade of your tree. It is a simple to grow border and when you let it grow to the point of overflowing it adds an eye-catching, striking focal point. If you have more than one tree in your yard then landscaping each one exactly the same would be like an organized yard but on the other hand, landscaping each one with a different idea really is an attention grabber.

_Wooden Border Flower Bed_

This one is super easy to accomplish. Just add a rectangle or square wooden edging around your tree then fill it with flowers. Choosing different colored flowers really pops for a garden under the tree.

_A Circle Of Flowers_

One of the best ways to deal with the empty space around your tree is to use different types or colors of rocks and make a circle edge around your tree. Once that is done then decide what flowers you want to plant between that edge and the tree. Fill that space with flowers or shrubs. Maybe consider hanging a plant from one of the lower tree branches too.

_Deck Around Your Tree_

When you have a big, gorgeous tree, the shade of it makes for a perfect place for a picnic or just to relax and read a book. Most people don’t care for sitting on the ground. What better to turn this into an eye-catching focal point than to build a deck around the bottom of the tree? Make it your peaceful escape and stress relief place.

_Bed Of Tulips_

With this design, you don’t really need t to have a border. The raised soil is enough. One of the most perfect flowers for this landscape is the purple tulip. They are such dramatic and bright flowers. The great thing about this landscaping idea is that once these flowers are not in bloom, you can add a different flower that will bloom in the tulips off-season.

_Stone and Plant Garden_

For an extremely unique landscape, gather a variety of stones and arrange them in a spiral shape border. Afterward, add a variety of plants or flowers in between each spiral. It’s an easy landscape to build and you probably won’t have a neighbo0r anywhere around you that has a tree landscape like it!

_Yearly Flower Bed & Border_

Imagine making a heart-shaped border under your tree with yearly blooming bright yellow flowers! Really you can plant whatever you want in all of the empty space. Vines, ornamentals, perennials, or anything. This would add so much charm to your trees and your yard.

_Total Elegance_

Try adding a bench under your tree. Plant flowers underneath the bench of all kinds of bright, cheery colors. If you choose to, add climbing flowers and wo0rk them around the bench. Color everywhere that you look! It would be another unique idea that not many would ever think of doing.

_Bench Around_

Need a place to relax and would love it to be under one of your trees? Why not build a bench all the way around your tree? Fill in the underneath with colored mulch and place plants all around the bench. You’ll have your own garden haven!

_Cushions On A Raised Deck_

We don’t always have to add plants to landscaping. For a unique place to just take a load off, kick back and relax, try building a raised deck around your tree. Once you have the done then just add colorful cushions all-around your deck.

There are no limits as to the landscaping designs that you can do around your trees. Your imagination is your only limit so go out and have fun with it!