How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

Tree removal is an essential service for most neighborhoods; beneficial as the average tree might be, they can also prove to be quite the irritant.

How Much Does Tree Removal CostBe it as a result of the shadows they cast, the danger posed by their branches, or the destruction unleashed by their roots, especially on concrete.

Removing a tree is a complex business, so much so that it is fairly common for individuals to seek out the services of professional companies that specialize in this field.

Before picking up the phone and entering into business with any given company, though, it is essential that one first consider the issue of tree removal costs.

Factors to consider when estimating tree removal costs

The average tree removal job can be as cheap as $125 or as expensive as $1,400, sometimes even higher, those factors that come into play when estimating the cost of removing a tree include the following:

Location- trees that are near structures and whose limbs might be hanging over buildings, electricity lines, and the like require considerable care.

Lest their removal results in unwanted damage. One might have to meet the costs of a cherry picker and a larger number of workers than initially planned.

Wood- trees such as oak and maple often attract discounted tree removal costs.

Because of their value as sources of fuel, it isn’t uncommon for tree removal companies that also operate as firewood dealers. To offer their services at a lower cost in such situations.

Height- the typical tree removal company will charge clients based on the height of the tree in question, with smaller trees of no more than 20 feet attracting a charge of about $9 per foot. As opposed to an 80-foot tree and its average charge of $15 per foot.

The Stump- This is an often ignored or forgotten consideration; before contracting the services of a tree removal company.

Inform them beforehand whether or not they will need to remove the stump as this task will attract an additional fee, taking into account the tools required.

Hazards- Dangerous jobs typically attract higher tree removal costs.

this will include trees near power lines. Dead trees are also more hazardous to remove and, hence, more costly than live trees.

Cleaning- cleanup following the tree removal process is no easy task; and while it is possible to do the job personally.

In the cases where it becomes necessary to acquire the assistance of the tree removal firm, the cleanup costs are going to increase your overall tree removal estimate.

Professional loggers

Sometimes, tree removal companies are not always a necessity in the elimination of irritating trees.

When dealing with species like the black walnut which boasts considerable value as wood for furniture.  Professional loggers might prove to be a more lucrative alternative.

Not only will they remove your trees but they just might pay you for the wood in question. Making the tree removal process a far more profitable endeavor than you might have assumed.

Emergency tree removal jobs are always costly, specifically.

Those situations where the tree in question is on the verge of falling. Require the company to deploy immediately, typically at odd times of the day or night and during unhealthy weather conditions.