Clever Gardening Tips to Save Time

Clever Gardening Tips To Save Time – Anybody who has a well-cared garden would know how much time can be spent with planting, weeding, watering and so much more!

It seems like a never-ending chore and ends up making gardening, not as fun and relaxing as you thought it would be. It is made even worse if you grew everything from cuttings and seeds.

Clever Gardening Tips to Save Time

I think most people decide to start a garden if they have nothing else to do simply because it takes up all of your time. The thing is that people who spend all of their time doing this and have been doing it for years. Know that there are many tricks and tips.

Making it a little easier is a way to go. So, after talking to a few of my gardener friends, they gave me some time-saving tips for me to share.


Here is one of the best time-saving tricks. Make sure that all your gardening tools in your tool shed are all organized for you to find them a lot easier.

Clever Gardening Tips to Save Time
Clever Gardening Tips to Save Time

Make sure that you have everything you need ahead of time. This way you don’t have to keep making trips back and forth to the store all day.

Don’t forget to have fertilizer on hand at all times too. Before summer gets here make sure to grab fertilizer. That is slow-releasing. This way you will need a lot less of the liquid feed and your plants will grow stronger.

Meadows Are Beautiful:

If you have quite a bit of space to fill for flowers. There is a wonderful way to do that plant bulbs that will bloom just before May. In a large area of lawn every fall, this will give you flowers from January to May. The rest of the time just have space like a yard.

Low-Maintenance Plants:

Don’t give yourself more work to do than necessary. High maintenance plants take so much of your time and energy. Try planting low maintenance plants.

Herbaceous Plants

Plants like lilies and begonias, dahlias, and gladiolus. They all make beautiful flowers and they do not demand a lot of attention or work. Learn to make things easier on yourself and you will enjoy your gardening time much more.


Mulching can be a hugely time-consuming job. Having to spread it all out before winter hits. It’s one of the jobs that take more time than most and it can usually cost quite a bit.

Tree Mulching

However, when spring hits you will be so happy that you did it. Mulch keeps weeds from growing as much and it helps the soil promoting healthier and stronger plants and roots.

Companion Ducks:

If you have slugs that you need to get under control. Maybe you just want slug prevention before a problem ever starts. Then ducks would be your best friend.

Mini Appleyard ducks and Bantam ducks will take care of this problem for you. Just let them wander around your garden around the month of May. You won’t have to worry about slugs ruining your plants.

Companion Plants:

If you have done any gardening at all you know that pests are your worst enemy! Waiting until the problem starts. Take care of it just isn’t a good idea.

How do you take care of it before there is a problem? You mix in some plants that pests don’t like. Plants like kale.

It looks amazing and pests stay away from them.  Also, plants like marigold, garlic, and lemongrass are natural pest repellants.

Garden of Containers:

If your plants are in pots then you can cut the watering time down. You can plant things in large pots. It takes a lot longer for the soil to dry out in a bigger container.

For a beautiful idea to make your garden look striking, add long pots. Maybe even cow troughs and plant them full of roses or tulips. This makes for a beautiful, looking garden.

Early Staking:

Staking plants early will make it take longer when you’re planting. Mostly, it takes a lot less time to stake them as you plant them.

Stake The Tree

Then have to go back and stake them at a later date once they have grown bigger. When you try to stake a plant that has already bent over.

It will take you so much longer because then you are trying to correct something that has gone wrong.  Make it right, the first time, and save yourself a lot of work and time later.


When your plants start to go to sleep, make sure to put in some supports. Look for long strips of birch (silver) and weave them up around stakes that curve.

It will make your garden look as if it is getting ready for the blooming season. That’s coming not to mention that it gives structure to your plants while they sleep.

Carry A Container:

Always bring a container with you when you are gardening to carry around all of the garden tools. It’s really annoying when you go back to the shed repeatedly.

Getting the tools you need when you are completely finished. You have to make a couple of trips to haul everything back to the tool shed.

As you finish with each tool, put it in the container. It’ll keep you from walking around your garden trying to find all of the tools that you left behind.

Clever Gardening Tips to Save Time

Hopefully, all of these tips help you to save a lot of time and trouble. I know personally, I have wasted so much time doing things the hard way.

But isn’t that how we always do things until someone tells or shows us better? Now you, as well I, have some helpful tips and tricks that we can put to use.

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to getting out in my garden. and restocking everything.  I’ll need it for planting season. Happy gardening!