Everything You Need To Know About Roses.

Can you plant roses in the summer?

Can you plant roses in the summer? Growing roses in your garden or a pot within your house is an excellent way of beautifying your residence.

Roses also offer different sweet-smelling aromas that improve ambiance when they bloom.

However, a significant issue affecting prospective and novice rose growers is the planting process.

Can you plant roses in the summer?


Many growers often wonder what is the best time to plant their roses, and can you plant roses in the summer? Although roses should ideally be put in the ground in early spring or fall, you can successfully grow them over the summer without suffering any losses.

If you want to grow roses during summer, it would be best to prepare accordingly before buying your planting material. When you purchase roses for planting purposes, they can come in three options: with only bare roots, in a pot, or a box.


Since there are various rose forms you can buy in the market, here is a breakdown of how you can plant each type of rose planting:

Can you plant roses in the summer?

Many rose lovers prefer to procure bare-root roses because they come in a wide range of varieties and are considerably cheaper than the other alternatives. However, it is very critical that you soak them in water for 8-13 hours (preferably overnight) before planting them.

This process helps to improve the root’s hydration levels before planting and is essential in guaranteeing survival. After soaking, the next step is to create a wide and deep hole in the area you want to grow the rose, be it the ground or a pot that contains soil.

Carefully place the soaked roots into the pre-dug hole and fill it up with the soil you removed earlier. Afterward, gently water the roots and ensure you properly water them over the next few months to ensure they don’t dry out. Ideally, you should water your roots up to 16 inches into the ground and ensure the soil is moist but not soggy.


For those people wondering: can you plant roses in the summer? It would be best if you tried planting potted roses because they are more likely to survive.

The University of Illinois Extension states that you can plant potted roses between early summer and before the winter season’s first frost. According to the institution, potted roses already have a robust root system that can maintain the plant as long as it is adequately watered.

Although there is no rush in planting potted roses, it is best to provide a heavy mulch that protects your plants against the harsh effects of the sun and winter, notably if you planted them in the summer or early autumn.

If you plant your potted rose during the summer, kindly avoid unnecessary pruning till the next spring. Doing so helps the rose develop strong branches and prevents large wounds that may affect your plant’s health.


Some rose-selling firms often use specialized boxes for packaging rose bushes when you purchase them. Although you can plant the rose together with the packaging, it is not always advisable. The packaging can bind roots together, leading to abnormal root structures that can stunt the rose’s growth.

When you purchase a packaged rose during the summer, you should first check on its condition before planting it. If the rose appears to be semi-dormant, then it would be best to treat them like a bare-root rose and soak it overnight before planting. If the rose is already proliferating, you should carefully remove the packaging and plant it like a potted rose.


● Soil: It should be loamy, have proper drainage, and have an almost neutral PH (5.7-7). Compost manure and TSP fertilizer should ideally be added to the soil.

● Watering: When planting in the summer, ensure you water your roses at least 3-4 times per week depending on the weather, and watch out for overwatering, which curls leaves and turns them yellow.

● Rose variety: Different roses have varying hardiness, which can determine their survival. Kindly consider buying a variety that will thrive in your area.

If possible, you should also incorporate other essential nutrients such as chelated iron and bone meal to boot faster growth so that your roses are well acclimatized before winter starts.

CONCLUSION: Can you plant roses in the summer?

So, can you plant roses in the summer? The short answer is yes. However, you will need to care more for your roses to guarantee their survival. Apart from the summer season, you can also plant your roses in early autumn and spring.