What Causes A Tile Floor To Be Wet?

What Causes A Tile Floor To Be Wet?

Are you noticing that sometimes your outside patio tile floor is wet, yet it hasn’t been raining? Maybe your inside tile floor is wet? This guide will give you reasons that this could be happening as well as some solutions to prevent it.


For the most part, condensation is the reason for your floor being wet. When it’s hot outside and that heat contacts with the colder air inside it will cause your concrete slab to sweat, in turn the condensation wets the tiles above it.

A floor that sweats can make your foundation weaker. The way this happens is that your wet concrete gets darker and darker and will end up creating white spots all over your concrete and in time will just fall apart like powder.


Another reason your floor is sweating could be that there isn’t enough moisture barrier underneath the concrete slab which allows the wetness to be pulled to the surface, your tiles.


There is a really simple way to tell if your floor is just wet from humidity or from moisture beneath it. Here is what you need to do.

Cut a square of plastic, it can be a piece of tarp or whatever you have handy. Cut about a fifteen – inch piece. While your floor is completely dry, tape it to your floor. Make sure to tape all of the edge around the plastic and seal it good. When it shows signs of wetness, is the moisture on the inside of the plastic or on the outside? If it’s on the outside then it’s humidity, if it’s on the inside then it’s a moisture problem.


There are a few ways to solve the humidity problem for your floor.

* Minimize the humidity in the air
* Raise the room temperature.
* Improve air circulation
* Seal any openings preventing humidity from entering
* Change the floor’s surface


If your o0utside patio floor is sweating it is probably because of humidity in the summer. The sweating usually happens when the patio ceramic tiles have not been professionally installed. If they were not installed right, then more than likely water levels from the rain have seeped up to the surface.

Also, just like inside, the coolness of the tile on the cool ground comes in contact with the hot air creating condensation.


There are ways to deal with the floor sweating on your outside patio. Below is a list of how to rectify this problem.

* Remove some of your shrubs that are around your patio to allow more air flow.
* Cut back your plants that are around the edges of your patio for more air flow.
* Take everything off of your patio. Use a ceramic tile cleaner and a broom to remove all dirt and grime then rinse.
* Use a ceramic tile sealant. With a roller cover all tiles evenly. Let the sealer dry for an entire day.

If none of these steps solve the problem of your floors sweating then it’s time to call in a professional to find out what the problem is.

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