Ways to Keep Your Garden Safe in The Cold Months.

Ways to keep your garden safe in the cold months. Cold temperatures make it rough for your garden. Finding ways to keep a healthy garden.

Ways to Keep Your Garden Safe in The Cold Months.

Keep Your Garden Safe in The Cold Months.

Being watching the local news the weather predicts snow and freezing temperatures overnight. When you hear the bad news do not do any garden planting outdoors.

Mostly flowers, small trees, groundcovers, and bushes. You do put your plants in the ground? We will tell you how to save them from the cold winter.

Got ice in your garden?: Your new plants might be damaged overnight. Mostly, annuals, anything that you eat, perennial, and so forth.

Several plants can die from the real cold weather. Could be any plant that is in stock at your local garden center.

After walking thru the nursery there are lots of plants that could be damaged from the weather. Plants that have been in the ground before winter, will be ok from the cold.

Mostly, a few will still have a few problems with the new foliage from the spring.

How To Protect Your Plants From Hard Winters?

Be sure to take all plants in pots in the barn, or cover them up with a light tarp. When it gets warm outdoors you can uncover them and set them back out on the patio.

The soil will have to be watered a lot to hold warm temperatures at the soil level. The only plants that are fine are succulents.

How to cover your plants?

Cover your garden plants that are planted, we mean the ones you cannot bring in. Use light covers, blankets, tarps, small quilts, cloth, maybe even burlap sacks.

Cover them over top like an umbrella, and anchor the edges down tight. Mostly, you will be trapping warm heat around the roots.

Check your plants to see if they are leaning, if so buy a stacking kit at your local garden center.

After stacking your shrubs the weight of your coverage will not bust the twigs. Try your best not to use plastic unless you built it like a fort. This will keep the weight off.

Cages you put tomato plants in with garbage bags covering them will work great. You can use a box, a garden tub, old pots these all work well.

Even most, cover with old milk jugs. Make sure the bottom is cut out and have the lid off over small plants.

Yearly plantings can help make a baby greenhouse. Mostly, leave plants covered until late spring unless we have lots of warm weather.

When temperatures reach in the 60’s then you can uncover them. The weather might get cold again, then you will have to recover.

Make sure you get up early in the morning to have this done before bedtime. Be on your toes for old man winter to make a return. Got a problem? Contact the pros.

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