Tree Trimming Louisville KY

Tree Trimming Louisville KY

How To Successfully Perform Tree Trimming Louisville KY. Tree care is just a regular part of maintaining your property.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to feel unsure of when they need to contact a tree trimming service, however, or how often it’s indispensable.

If the proper care measured are not regularly maintained by tree owners, they could bring serious injury to their property and the trees themselves could end up in a bad form and health.

Many species of trees can tower over your home and pose a threat to your property and the people you love. Most of them may need some trimming.

When should the trees on my property be trimmed?

Many factors determine how often your tree should be trimmed, including: Nearby power lines, the tree species, the age of the tree, whether the tree is flowering or fruit bearing and the presence of dead limbs.

Tree trimming all comes down to timing, really, as the buds on a flowering tree must be cleared off quickly after the last bloom or the tree won’t flower the next year.

Some species are also very prone to disease during certain times of the year so they shouldn’t be trimmed at this time.

A professional arborist can help you decide when your tree should be trimmed, so it’s a good idea to at least get advice from a tree trimming specialist to learn more about caring for your trees on your property.

When dealing with your landscape, tree trimming is a task which must be handled by a arborist.

Though the project is one that can be done at any time of year, professionals suggest engaging in the activity in the early spring or even late winter, as trees are dormant during this time.

This will actually reduce the amount of overall sap flow from the stumps, thus allowing the tree to retain nutrients.

In this article, we will run through a few choice techniques used to get the job done properly.


Required Tools:

1. Hard Hat
2. Safety Glasses
3. Pruning Shears
4. Chainsaw
5. Portable Buck Saw
6. Rope Saw
7. Pole Pruner
8. Lopping Shears.

To be well informed about the different tools used for cutting different sizes of trees is important.

However, safety precautions must be observed by wearing protective gears before proceeding to the site.

The shape that you prefer your tree to have play a significant role in determining the branches that needs to be pruned.

In case you are going to prune a large tree, it is advisable to use long pole pruner.

You can easily find such equipment blessed with a long pole and can reach the maximum height.

To prune your tree, you must take enough time to visualize its shape and size and also have a clear image of its appearance after you are done your job.

This gives you some indications regarding what needs to be trimmed.

It is a very good idea to identify all the major branches that need to be pruned and then make your plan accordingly.


Tree Trimming Louisville KY
Tree Trimming Louisville KY

Pruning Techniques:


1. Cleaning: Removal of dead, weak, or diseased branches from the crown.
2. Thinning: Removal of branches to allow for added light to penetrate, thus reducing the stress of heavier limbs, while encouraging the shape to remain the same.
3. Reduction: Cutting limbs back to reduce the overall size, while making room for utility lines.
4. Raising: Removal of branches that are lower to offer clearings for vehicles, pedestrians, buildings, and views.

The Process

General Tips:

1. Before commencing your task, you need to make sure that you are not too close or too far from the trees.
2. Find yourself a spot roughly 3 inches from the collar of the branch and make your cut around 1/3 of the way through. In this way, you will prevent the limb from tearing through the collar and harming future growth when severed.
3. Cut just beyond the first slice and cut straight through the limb.
4. Make the last cut through the remaining area of the branch, as close to the collar as you’re able, without causing damage to the collar itself.


In general, it’s not considered necessary to seal the end cut left over after the trimming is completed.

Nature tends to do an excellent job on its own. However, trees such as birch, oak, and elm are rather fragile and prone to disease.

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If an individual has not previously seen such work done by a professional team, it is better not to try out on own.

Is it necessary to hire a professional tree trimmer?

Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured every year when they attempt to trim their tree, usually without even basic safety equipment and gear.

This dangerous job should always be left to professionals when the tree is taller than you and may cause property damage or injury.

A professional trimming service will do the job right without causing any damage and they’ll show up with the right equipment that for the job.

Whether it’s trimming the tree away from a power line or removing dead branches, so they don’t fall on anything.

They can also haul away large pieces and perform the clean-up.


How do I find a good tree trimming company?

You’ll find many people offer tree trimming services, although not all are really up to the task.

A professional company will do the job right without injury or damage, whereas someone going door-to-door may show up with just a chainsaw and a ladder with no license or insurance.

This can easily cost you thousands and put you on the hook for any injury liability!

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Always check that the company is licensed and ask for proof of current insurance. Get a written estimate before they start work.

If you have time, compare quotes with other services in your area. If you’re going to compare estimates, check carefully to see which service they’re going to include.

The cheapest company, for example, may not remove the brush or even the large pieces, leaving this challenging task up to you.

Get referrals and look up online reviews of the business before you hire them.

Turn away any company that shows up without the proper equipment and safety gear.

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