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Tree Removal Louisville – A Stepwise Guide

Tree Removal Louisville – A Stepwise Guide, a lot of people don’t know the right process of tree removal.

tree removal louisvilleThere are various people who prefer to remove trees themselves instead of hiring a company.

In this article, we will explain some of the easy to understand processes involved in removing trees.


Local Regulations:

If you’re planning to remove a tree yourself, you must find out if there is any city regulation to comply with.

There are several places that demand a permit to remove the trees from public properties as well as private properties.

Such regulations are made to avoid unlawful removal of natural resources and to maintain beauty. 

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If you plan to use a tree removal company, make sure they comply with all the local regulations to avoid any legal action or litigation.

The tree service company must hold a license to remove the trees.

Check the number of years the company has been providing tree removal services.

You must also inquire if the company is involved in any legal issue.

These easy guidelines should help you find the right tree business  in your area.

Before Cutting Your Tree:

You should decide to remove a tree only if it is in a slope, near power or electricity lines, or near a house.

If any of these conditions exists, you may consider bringing down the tree.

Tree Removal  can also be carried out to pave way for construction or to avoid tree overcrowding.

If you plan to remove the tree yourself, check which way the tree leans.

This will give you an idea to choose your cut points.

Remove Branches:

Examine the size of the tree and its surrounding environment.

If the diameter of the tree is 10 inches, its height is more than 20 feet, and it has big branches then you should first climb up the tree and remove the branches

either with a hand saw or chain saw instead of cutting down the whole tree.

By doing this the tree or its branches will not strike cars, people, houses, power lines and other properties.

Remove Trunks:

After you have removed the branches of the tree, next step is removing the trunks.

If the tree is a big one, then its trunk should be cut down in two to three-foot pieces depending on the diameter of the tree.

A chain saw should be used for this purpose. Continue this process until the remaining trunk is 5 to 9 feet in height.

Cut off this remaining trunk from the roots.

For the smaller trees, this process is not needed. A hand saw or an Axe should be used to remove the trunks of smaller trees.

Simple back cuts and V cuts will be enough to do so .


After the trunks have been removed, use a stump grinder to remove the rest of the trunk including the stump.

Pay a small amount to get this machine on rent instead of buying it.

If the stump is bigger, then it’s better to hire a professional company to remove it with heavy machinery.

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