Tree Branch Support Systems

Tree Branch Support Systems – Young trees may need extra support if they are weak. If your tree needs to be braced then it’s really important for you to do so.

Tree Branch Support SystemsBut if it doesn’t need to be braced or if you leave the stakes in too long then you can seriously damage your tree.

You need to learn if your tree needs to be braced or not and just how long to keep it braced.


How do you tell if your tree needs bracing or not? it all depends on the height of your tree, the amount of foliage on top, and the size of the ball of roots.

If the ball of roots is small and you have a tall tree. Or there is a lot of foliage at the top of the tree. Then that will make it top-heavy and make the tree want to lean over instead of standing up straight. In this instance, the tree needs to be braced.


To brace a smaller tree that is less than two inches in diameter you will need only one stake. Hammer a thirty – six – inch – tall stake into the ground at least halfway.

Get it as close to the tree trunk as you can. Tie the trunk to the stake. The best thing to use for this is a tube from a bike.

It’s flexible but yet strong enough to hold the tree in an upright position. Create a figure 8 with it. This will put a cushion in between the stake and the trunk.


If the trunk of your tree is larger than two inches then at least two stakes are necessary. A trunk that is four or more inches will need at least three stakes.

With a larger tree, to prevent damage to the roots you need the stakes to be about 20 inches from the trunk of the tree. Stretch some rope between the trunk and the stake for cushion, feel free to add a bike tube for even more cushion.


Remember that stakes are only temporary. They will need to be removed. For the smaller trees. This will probably be when the tree is about a year old. For the larger trees, it may take up to two years for the roots to take hold. Enough for the tree to be stable and supported.

Hopefully, this helps you to understand a little better about pruning and bracing. And that you have learned to be able to do this just in case you need to do this with one of your trees. These two important parts of tree growth will help you to have a tree that stands tall. Is beautifully shaped, and a becomes a great place for relaxing in the shade!

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