Our Tree Care Services

Everyone needs our tree care services so that they can depend on having healthy trees. We have all the different types of tree services that you could ever need to keep your trees healthy and beautiful with our company.




There is a lot that goes into planting a tree. You can’t just dig a hole, throw the tree in it, cover it and hope for the best. It’ doesn’t work that way. 

You have a few things that need to be considered, like planting the tree for the best sunlight. I don’t want to install too close to any structure.

You’re driveway because once the roots grow out, it can cause damage from underneath.  Are there any electrical lines above where you want to plant your tree? If so, then it’s not the right place to produce it? 



Pruning, when there is a reason that it needs to be. If you have a tree that is so full that new branches and leaves can’t grow. If you have dead or broken limbs, do you have any stems that are dark and shriveled up? 

Another reason to prune will be if you have branches that are rubbing against each other. You don’t want your tree to rot, and it can cause limbs to start growing in the wrong direction. 

Branches that grow back towards the tree can cause damage to the bark, and if not taken care of, in the end, it can cause disease and death to your tree.



Whether to brace or not depends on a few factors. Is it top-heavy with a small ball of roots?  These are just a few reasons that a tree would need to cable. You never want to brace a tree that doesn’t need it. Remember that braces are a temporary thing.


Have questions about any of our services? Maybe you want to do some of these things yourself. But you have a few questions and need professional advice. 

Our professionals can answer any of the questions you may have. It would be best if you had advice, information, or even recommendations. We are here for all of your tree service needs. 

An arborist will come out and look at your trees, discuss what you need. We will give you our best advice and quote you a price of what we charge for anything you need.


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We have often gone out to a customer’s home who is having problems with a tree. Only to find out that we could have pruned it right the first time.

You need to call Louisville Arborist to help you with your tree selection. It’s not as easy as just going out and buying any tree that you like. There are things you need to consider when choosing a tree to plant. 

The condition of your soil, the weather, and temperatures in your area. What size the tree can grow. The tree’s roots and how far they can spread during growth. 

If you have a small yard, then you wouldn’t want to choose a tree that is going to be huge. And that the tree’s roots spread out far and wide, it will have no room to grow.


Most of the time, when we get called for help with a customer’s tree. It merely needs a little pruning. But sometimes, the crown of the tree is damaged from storms and high winds. Or only from the tree not being pruned.

Thinning and shaping the tree to get it back to a natural look. It may take a couple of seasons to get it done right.  If the tree is rotten, it may have to remove it if the trunk is rotting. We can give you the advice you would need on this.


Sometimes your tree will get too tall for its surrounding area, or its height may be weakening the tree because of the weight. If this happens, then you need to reduce the crown of the tree. 

For smaller trees, you can probably do this yourself with the advice of a professional. It’s a little more dangerous for taller trees to have to climb a ladder and use a pruning saw. In these instances, you should call in a professional to handle it.


Restoring a tree crown can take many years. Usually has to be done if the pruning wasn’t done right or because of damage from storms. You are also something that is best left to a professional to do.


To shape your tree, call us to prune it.  Overgrowth of the crown makes the tree look too thick. And you can tell that it’s not thinned out.

If the crown grows out too much and hangs over your home, this can lead to roof damage, which is a much bigger problem.


By the way, the crown needs trimming because the weight of the branches gets too heavy. It also allows for air and sunlight to get in through the canopy. 


This process requires removing the bottom limbs of the tree. For example, if your tree is near the sidewalk or the road.  If limbs hang too low then traffic will have a problem passing, and people will not pass on the sidewalk.

Remember, when in doubt, hire a professional. If the tree is over twenty-five feet, hire us to take care of your tree. If you need advice, suggestions, information, or have any questions give us a call.