Louisville Arborist – Protect Your Trees, Hire a Expert

What’s an Louisville arborist anyway? An Louisville arborist is really an expert who’s been trained in the science and art of maintaining, planting and caring for your trees.

Louisville Arborist
Louisville Arborist

Why hire a Louisville arborist?  Well-pruned trees aren’t only nice looking but will add property value, while not maintaining trees end up becoming an high liability.

Knowing how and when to hire a Louisville arborist is an ongoing decision for home owners. Garry Marcell, Marcells Tree Service and The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) provides the following suggestions to help make an informed decision:

When to first contact a Louisville Arborist?

These 4 services a expert can do to help you keep your property investment:

1. Trimming – A local tree expert will know the type of trimming is best for your trees health it’s overall appearance and longevity.

A friendly cardinal rule is if climbing the tree, a trained expert is what you must have. Being on a ladder and using a chainsaw is a bad combination. 

Hire a expert who can professionally trim your trees using ropes & climbing saddles.

2.Tree Removal Arborists will know whether to prune your trees or to cut them down, which is the last thing you need to do. 

Tree Experts uses the right trucks and chippers to safely and effectively cut down a dangerous tree. 

Most of the time an expert tree man can save your trees that most property owners have gave up on.

3.Emergency Tree Care – Bad weather can bring great damage to branches or the entire tree, which can cause damage to your property or your neighbors property.

Some of Your trees may have to be removed or pruned to make things safe again. You don’t need anymore damage and those trees.

This is real dangerous to do this kind of work, and a tree expert has to be hired to do this work safe and not to cause any more tree damage.

4.Planting – Installing the right tree in the correct area is a must for the health and long life of your trees and all your plants on your property. 

Tree experts can plant the correct tree in the right spot, and help to install or to plant your tree. 

When your tree is planted to deep it can cause girdling roots, if planted not deep enough they may die from a lack of nutrition.

An expert tree man can offer more services like feeding, tree injections, cabling & bracing, deep root fertilization, and even a tree care program.

Talking to a arborist and making a tree care program will help when you will need these services . money spent on working with an arborist is money well spent.