How to prune zinnias to get ready for the winter

How to prune zinnias?

how to prune zinnias

On this weeks Two-Minute Tip were
pruning Zinnias.

On a previous video, we showed you
how we transplant our zinnias in the spring.

We plant those on double rows with drip
irrigation in the middle.

We planted some of the benary giant mix.

We planted some of just the white zinnias like this one right here and we also planted some of just the lime variety and today. I wanna show you a little trick that my friend Lisa showed me.

Lisa is a professional cut flower farmer. This little trick is gonna make your zinnias grow out wider become more bushier and really fill in that garden space. Also, maximize the number of blooms you get.

When we plant on double rows like we did with these zinnias. The object is to have those plants fill in the gap. So we don’t get any weed pressure between that double row.

How to prune zinnias?

We get some nice bushy plants that are gonna shade out that area. Also getting two rows for only one row of drip tape also with these zinnias especially when we transplant them.

If we let them get tall and just straight up they’re gonna be a little more susceptible to being blown over
by the wind. So we want them to grow more lateral and bush out so when we get this very first bloom.

On this white zinnia plant right here we want to go down and we want to prune it. Pruning far down along the plant and that’s gonna make the plant grow outwards.

This way instead of keep growing really tall what it does is it’s gonna get rid of that apical dominance. And make it grow out this way. What I like to do is look for the nearest branch.

I go all the way down to where I see it’s splitting off and I’ll prune it off. Right there so here’s another good example right here this is a yellow zinnia from the benary giant mix that we carry.

If we go all the way down here we can see where it starts to branch off. There so that’s where I’m gonna trim it right there.

How to prune zinnias in the wintertime?

Then will have it growing out that way more so than growing up this way. When your zinnias put on that first bloom just give them a little prune. You’ll have some nice bushy plants.

They are gonna shade out those weeds in your vegetable garden. Also, gonna make way more flowers to attract all those pollinators  to help maximize our harvest.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s two-minute tip, we’ll see you next week.