How to Prune Thai Basil

How to Prune Thai Basil, Hi everyone Mr. luck here. Do they have a fixed tip for you on how to make your basil plants bushier? And lusher by deliberately pinching off the top stem. Which will promote light growth from the leaf buds.

So in this video, I will show you the progress of a little seedling which is different now that it started from seeds. And started pruning when it was I think about six weeks old maybe younger. This is only one basil plant here and look how big this is.

How to Prune Thai Basil

How to Prune Thai Basil

You can do the same thing keep promoting more leaf growth. Also, keep pinching off the flower buds that way it does not go to sea. But instead, will promote the growth of more leaves for you. You can harvest throughout the season and you can also over-win for your basil plants.


Since it is grown as an annual here at least in my climate.

I’m in the Pacific Northwest zone. So they don’t like this to be too cold so if you want to overwinter them. You can bring them indoors for the winter and then put them back down again next season.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video progress of our basil plant. Give this method a try at home so you too can grow basil bush here. and more lush basil.

I hope you guys find it helpful. You do please give it a thumbs up. Thank you so much for joining me guys have a wonderful day and happy gardening.

Here is a Genovese or sweet basil plant that we have grown from seed seven weeks ago. It’s got nice big green leaves and a thirty on the main stem. Which is a good sign because it will support the plant as it grows.

There is a cultural look of the leaf buds growing in between the leaves and the stems.

These leaf buds will develop into stems once I cut off this top. Part of the stem will branch out sideways making the plant bushy.

Cut off the tops just like so in two weeks since I trimmed off the middle of them. Remember those lead pipes that were growing on the sides here these are is they grew into these side stems. Well as the ones in the bottom these used to be leaf buds as well.

I also transplanted it into a one-gallon container our basil plant looking lush and bushy. It’s been three weeks since I trimmed off or cut off the middle main stem. Right in the middle and these leaf buds branched out into stems. Now we’re going to cut off the tops of these.

You can see the new leaf buds right there.

That will branch out as soon as we cut these tops off. Towards the end of the growing season, your basil plants will start to bowl.

The flower there are some little flower buds there so what I simply do is just snip that stem right off. Below that stem, there are some leaf buds along the side here that will grow more into more stems and more leaves.

Remember you only want to print about a third of your plant at a time. I prune mine at least every two to three weeks to promote more foliage growth. If you prune more than a third of your plans at a time it could start your plan.