How to prune philodendron?

How to prune philodendron? Hi everybody welcome back today I’m gonna show you the difference between letting up pathos or philodendron grow as a bryan like right here.


Have it grow big and bushy like this one here. So I used two different types of pathos this one I believe is called the neon green.

This is the dark green one I’m not sure what it’s called but what I want to show you the difference. The different way they’ll grow in pots depending on how you prune them.

Look at this one it’s really full and really lush but also the leaves are not very tall it’s kind of close packed to the pot.

How to prune philodendron?

Whereas this long vine one if you look inside you’ll see that they’re really tall. So there it’s a little bit packed not really but it’s growing a lot taller than this one.

These two plants I bought at the exact same time. So you get an idea of what will happen a comparatively how long a vine will grow bushey.

How to prune philodendron?

So this one is ready if you just don’t do any pruning to it at all. Let it grow normally
it’s going to go big and long and the leaves are gonna start growing bigger. and a little bit taller this one I
pruned constantly because I didn’t want it to grow over this bowl and I made sure that it was really I wanted it to be tight and compact and something you could put on a table so what I like to do when you want to prune it this way is when something starts to grow long like if this if this one will start to grow a
little bit down like a vine what you want to do is you want to find the spot right where it touches the soil so if this was a vine see how that’s touching the soil right there you’d want to cut it right below the leave and have it grow into the soil so that’ll help it create another root system in the soil and it’ll make more small leaves in the pot so it’ll get this really tight compact look to it so like this side I said didn’t get as
much Sun as the other side so if this vine was starting to grow out far I would cut it right here I would cut it right there and then let this this will start to sprout it will start to sprout in the soil and will make it really tight and come back so as long as you just keep the keep the cut right on the soil and make sure they never really start hanging over the edge because then they’ll grow really it’ll start taking the vine shape and the leaves will start growing up taller but as long as you keep it tightly tightly cropped inside
the pot with the cuttings being within the soil a little bit this really nice tight pothos it looks really good if not he’ll just get the traditional process.