How to prune marigolds?

How to prune marigolds?


I’m Anne and this is ants watering can here in Manhattan on my fire escape.

I’m here to talk to you today about deadheading your flowers.

Then you promote new flower growth. If you don’t then a lot of the plant energy goes to a flower head that’s dead.

how to prune marigolds

That’s fine but you know you it’s win-win if you deadhead. You take off the head of the flower. Many of them if you dry them will turn into seeds that you can then plant later.

Buy new seeds and it also promotes growth of the existing plant so here’s how you do it. You’ll see these marigolds plants are actually really healthy. I’m just going to use the marigolds for an example.

How to prune marigolds?

We have lots of little buds here lots and lots of little buds here and in fact. I’ve already deadheaded them here are all the marigold seeds.

So these will dry out and then become new marigolds. You can disperse them throughout your plot this marigold plant however is in great need of deadheading.

These are way past their prime. This one even more so what you do is put your fingers on the bottom down here.

Sometimes all you have to do is go like so and it falls off.

But usually if you just spend and pull again.

Bend pull up and it’s off,  then just under the nub and if it doesn’t pull up leave it. Because that’s telling you something the plant is talking to you.

So we’re just going to leave those that we took these two off of this plant. You’ll see they broke up right under the nub where this pod that seeds are held in.

I’m going to put these in this pot to dry out. Hopefully we’ll get a combination of these multi colors and the orange in this one window box.