How to prune eggplant?

How to prune eggplant?


What’s up guys this is Jason with Buddha farms. Coming to you Wednesday April 4 2018 alright today. I’m in the Haight oh it’s actually a pretty chilly day we had ladies the rest of the week.

The beginning of the week right now it’s about 65 outside a nice breeze. So it’s really nice it’s not too hot in this tunnel.

I got the side open just to get some air circulation but everything’s pretty good. What I’m gonna show y’all
today is I’m by my eggplant they’re growing real nice.

They’re starting to get their first flower and, first fruit set. I’m gonna start cutting off suckers and some of the bottom leaves.

How to prune eggplant?

It’s it’s very similar to the tomato and I’ve actually already done that. The tomatoes right next to me here. I’ll take you over there and show you that too.

I’ve cut off most of all the bottom leaves, all the suckers. Keeping up with those every week and they’re growing really nice.

How to prune eggplant?

They got a lot of fruit well actually a lot of flowers a couple of them have some tomatoes on there. But it’s
coming along so I’m gonna take you down here and just show you what I’m doing with the the eggplants.

I’m saw a few videos doing this and it just makes sense. Because it’s the plants very similar to a tomato. I’m not necessarily going to vine it up.

I’m gonna let it bush out a little bit but we’re gonna trim it down to where it’s it’s a little less bushy. On the bottom I will push up on the top and it’ll produce a lot of fruit for us.

Alright guys I’m gonna take you down show you what we’ve got going on. All right if you can see on this first plant it’s already got his first little flower bud.

How to prune eggplant?

There it’s not ready yet but all below here there was a couple of leaves. I’ve already taken those off acouple of suckers.

I’m gonna keep the big leaves on there just to let the plant do its photosynthesis thing.  I’m sure it needs that for right now. Once these are these fruits start going the plant bushes out a lot more.

I’m gonna start taking away these bottom plants. I know they’re pretty susceptible to I believe the spider mites had a snack on the old dead leaves really close to the ground.

I’ll probably be a little more able to be infected so I’m gonna start trimming those off. Once this plant grows a little bit more but, let’s go on to the next one here.

Yeah it does have a little fruit set there so I’m gonna go ahead and start taking out these super tiny leaves. Also, all these suckers towards the bottom. This plant would just be extremely bushy at the bottom.

And just very unmanageable but most of these small ones you can just kind of pinch off with your fingers.
You can see they’re already all those little suckers just like the tomato.

How to prune eggplant?

It’s gonna do the same thing it’ll grow another stem up little main branch and you just pick these away. All the suckers all the way up to that first fruit set.

What you’re gonna notice right where that fruit setting the main branch is gonna continue on and then you’ll have another one.

That’ll branch off it might be a little easier to see. Here you’ll have your main branch and then no the main stem of the plant.

Then another branch right by that fruit that’ll keep growing so it’ll be two branches going up into a V and from there we’ll let those suckers continue to grow. Also, continue to bush out and continue to make fruit.

So again this is a first time I’m really trying to grow enough eggplant for any kind of sale or production. I’ll grown a couple here and there and just kind of let them do what they do.

I’ve been semi successful with it so hopefully just a little more intensive pruning will make the plant a little healthier. Also, give us a little more fruits throughout the year.

All right guys thanks for following talk to y’all later bye I almost forgot to show y’all. I wanted to show you all the tomatoes you can see down the line.

Everything’s growing really well on the edge there the cucumbers are growing up. Doing what they should do on the bottom there we got a bunch of little cucumbers.

But, anyway on this little tomato plant here.

I’m going to show you just what I was talking about. We trimmed off a bunch of the bottom leaves, and then we got the first flower set there trimmed off.

All the suckers and and most of the leaves from the bottom. I kept a couple of them right below the the first flower set.

Just again just keep the print the plant with enough leaves to to do its photosynthesis thing. Keep growing and it’s going really well.

Keeps going up we got some more flower sets right there. I got a little sucker right here that will just pinch off and keep it tidy.

Everything’s looking really good everything’s growing well and really happy with the way things are going.

A few on the end over there we got a couple little tiny tomatoes. They are  growing well and looking forward to what the the near future has.

Alright guys thanks for following talk to you later.