How to Prune Coleus – Pinch Back Coleus for Optimal Growth.

How to prune coleus, pinch back coleus for optimal growth. Everybody welcome back today. I want to start talking about the coleus so you’ll see these a lot in hardware stores. Like Home Depot or Lowe’s anywhere where they sell lots of plants.

You’ll see these they’re pretty common they’re called coleus. There’s a lot of variety of them with different colors. This one is that it’s like pink out to green sometimes you’ll see the yellow to green.

Blue to green too, there’s a whole bunch of different types. But what I want to show you with this video. Is a lot of times you’ll buy these plants and they’re really pretty and see.

How this one’s really bushy and then over time you’ll notice that they’ll get really leggy. What we like to call them are where the leaves are kind of growing really sporadically.

How to Prune Coleus – Pinch Back Coleus for Optimal Growth.

How to Prune Coleus

It kind of just looks dead but it’s actually not it’s just become really leggy. What I want to show you is the number one reason why this has happened. Back to this one, I let it get to a point of almost being leggy.

Just so I can show you what’s causing it so, going from a lush dense bush to a really sporadic bush. And it’s really simple when you get your plant you’re gonna see this little flower.

They’re flowers and these will start blooming about four months into having it. Sometimes they’ll be like purple flowers or pink flowers. These flowers are what cause it to be leggy.

These are able to bloom they really even shouldn’t get past at this point. Once they start blooming the plant immediately will start growing really long and start growing leggy.

How to Prune Coleus – Pinch Back Coleus for Optimal Growth.

Like this, so what you want to do is whenever you see your coleus sprouting. These little flowers can’t really see it right here these little flower nubs you want to cut those off.

They are already bloomed and turned this is purple flower. You’re kind of a little bit too far past that. But what you want to do is check and you just want to snip it right below the flower.

So it’s really important to make sure that none of them have these little flowers. So if you want your bush to be really lush and tight and compact. You have to make sure that you don’t let it flower.

Pinch Back Coleus for Optimal Growth.

You’re cutting all of these off otherwise it’s gonna get to this which is fine. You want if you’re okay with this I like it it doesn’t bother me. I like to keep them like this but if you want this lush bush.

Make sure you’re cutting off all of those little flowerings. The little flowers before they flower if you saw purple flowers you might be a little bit too late.

You can cut them off but you’re still not gonna get this really bits bush. So that’s how you stop your coleus from turning into this.

You just make sure you keep rooting the flowers off. It doesn’t mean it’s dead just remember that it’s just gonna be like you for the rest of its life. How to prune coleus?