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Firewood Louisville. What is the best firewood?

Firewood Louisville. What is the best firewood? Whether you are looking for wood to burn in a fireplace, furnace, or stove, good-quality firewood is the key to safety, efficiency, and convenience.

Wood that is not properly dried and that is not the right size for your wood burner can be frustrating, burn inefficiently or even deposit creosote that may fuel a dangerous chimney fire. For you to select the best wood for you to burn, good planning, seasoning and proper storage of the firewood are essential.

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The best firewood is of course the type that suits your needs perfectly that may vary depending on whether you want to use it for heating your house or use it for cooking. You can find different kinds of wood that are suitable for your fireplace and others suitable for cooking. In this article, we will help you understand the basic important principles that will help you in choosing the best wood.

Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned firewood is wood that has been left for an extended period for it to dry. This firewood is ideal to use at your fireplace or when cooking. Seasoned firewood burns easily and efficiently. Wet wood, including green wood that has been recently cut from a tree, is difficult to burn and may not be the best to heat your house since it emits less heat. Ensure that you avoid using wet wood and in its place use seasoned firewood for you to get the best service.

Energy Content per Cord

When selecting the best firewood it is important to understand, that different wood amount emits different levels of heat. Energy content is the measure of how much heat is given by a certain amount of wood.

Hardwood has the highest amounts of energy content per cord and is thus considered the best firewood if you want high and intense heat. Some of the hardwood that has the highest energy content includes sugar maple, rock elm, and red oak.

Hardwood versus Softwood

Another very important factor to consider when getting the best firewood for your use is whether the wood is softwood or hardwood. Hardwood type of wood is dense and packs more content than softwood.

Hardwoods may be expensive to purchase but are economical to use. This is because the wood burns slowly and emits a lot of heat enabling you to use just a few pieces of wood to heat the entire house.

The only downside of hardwood is that they are hard to ignite. On the other hand, softwoods are less dense and more resinous. Softwood is easy to ignite but tends to emit less heat.

The woods also burn faster making you use a large amount of wood within a short time period. You can use the softwood when starting the fire as well to get your fire going.

Piece Length

The wood piece length is also a very important factor that you need to consider when selecting the best wood for your personal use. Ensure that you select wood pieces with the right length for your fireplace, stove, or furnace.

Short pieces of wood are easier to handle and preferable to longer pieces of wood. Long pieces of wood would also make stoking impossible or extremely difficult.

If you want to use wood for your stove or furnace ensure that the pieces measure at least three inches. Even if your stove or fireplace has a large space that can hold pieces that are twenty inches long, having short pieces of wood will make it easy for you to handle.

It is also very important to ensure that you get wood pieces that have the same length. Having wood pieces of different lengths will cause problems when loading the appliance. For convenient stoking and handling ensure that you select pieces of wood that are 14 to 18 inches long.

For you to keep the pieces in their best condition ensure that you move them into winter storage after they have properly dried in the sun and summer breeze. Ensure that this storage is dry and fully sheltered from snow and rain.

You should also ensure that you have spacious storage that will help you to store the pieces without overstocking. Overstocking the pieces may cause molds to develop on your wood.

Ensure that the wood gets enough air circulation to avoid the molds. When mold develops on your wood, it can contaminate the air inside your house with spores.

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