Everything You Need To Know About Roses

Everything You Need To Know About Roses – there is no flower that is more popular than the beautiful rose.

Everything You Need To Know About Roses

Its beauty and sweet scent is the main flower given as a gift especially on Valentine’s Day. Also birthdays, and on Mother’s Day too.

Roses are the most Important flower, ask any guy that has ever been in the doghouse and he will tell you. When I’m in there the dogs take all the room.

Man in the dog house with his dogs

As complicated as most people seem to think that roses are. They are actually really simple to grow. Give them plenty of mulch during the colder months.

In return, they will give you some of the most gorgeous flowers grown for a long blooming season. Yes. roses can be complicated and extremely hard to understand.

The reason being, this is because of the many different varieties there are of roses. There are thousands of different types of roses with just about the same number of colors.

Everything You Need To Know About Roses

Everything You Need To Know About Roses

With all of these choices, where do you even begin? Roses are grouped into three different categories. You have your climbers, your ramblers, and your shrubs.

Although some of the shrubs can indeed be trained to have them climb. Woody type perennials such as roses have a stem that keeps growing during the winter.

They don’t die and because of this. Years down the road these stems will start to look gnarly, like knotted branches. Now, if these are the climbing type, they will end up needing sturdy support.

If you are wanting to learn more about roses, just keep reading. This guide will go over some of the many types of roses. Which rose is best for your yard or landscape.

Mostly, what you need to do in caring for your roses. Make sure that it not only survives but actually thrives.

English Roses

Everything You Need To Know About Roses

David Austin is the creator of the English Rose. David has about one hundred varieties at his nursery. Where many thousands of seeds are planted every single year.

He has come up with a lot of classic roses such as the “Gertrude Jekyll” rose. The rose is deep pink in color and also the “Munstead Wood”.

Which has such a gorgeous velvety deep maroon color to it. Why is he doing this? To create the perfect rose of course!

One that has health, beautiful flowers and amazing fragrance with a pleasing habit included.

Wild Roses

These are some of the toughest roses. Most roses will only survive and thrive in rose borders or rose garden beds. These roses, which are native to Russia and Asia.

The roses that haven’t been “hybridized”. This means that they are species roses and can handle more of the elements of natural weather.

They usually have five simple petals which makes it so much easier for bees to reach and pollinate them. Some of them are a brilliant white while the others are pretty pink.

Older Roses

This group of roses has many older varieties such as the Alba, Gallia, and Damask. These roses actually date back to the nineteenth century like the pink striped

Gallica roses that flowered only once and are older than all of them by quite a few centuries. All of these roses bloom only once except for the Bourbon rose.

Bourbon rose will bloom more than once. Every one of these fragrant roses is known and valued for its striking, gorgeous blooms.

Rose Shrubs

The modern shrub of roses will be the roses that you would normally purchase. While you’ll at a garden place or nursery. This is the most creative group of roses. The sizes range anywhere from two feet to five feet tall.

One of the most exquisite flowers of the bigger shrubs is called the “Buff Beauty”. This flower was bred back in 1939. This beauty has elegant, yellowish – apricot flowers, a fragrance of tea, and a beautiful, glassy – looking foliage.

Floribundas & Hybrid Tea Roses

The hybrid tea roses were made when a hybrid perpetual rose was crossed with a tea rose. These roses can be recognized because of their pointy bulbs and their shape. These were extremely popular around the 1904s and the 1950s.

The floribunda rose is another tea crossed rose that has been crossed with the Polyantha rose. These have bunches of huge flowers and are known mainly for their fragrance.

Climbers & Ramblers

Do you know the difference between the climber roses and the rambler roses? Ramblers have a bunch of blooms that usually only bloom one time.

Mostly, the more modern ones will bloom more. If you’re wanting a rose that just runs rampant all over sheds and such. Then you need to choose ramblers.

The “Frances E. Lester is a dainty rose with a cream color, sweet fragrance, and orange trim. The “Paul’s Himalayan Musk” is a tender pink with a strong fragrance.

The climbing roses reach upwards, even if they’re short roses such as the “Cecile Bruner” will climb up to the top story of a home. Their flowers are bigger and usually bloom more than once. Climbers like the “New Dawn” have pink blooms with a delicious scent.

The rose called the “Kiftsgate” can climb as high as forty – feet up a tree. In the summer you can see it as it drips little bunches of white, creamy flowers. Ramblers need almost no attention, but climbers need to be trained to grow up the sides of walls.

Choosing Your Rose

What are you wanting to plant the rose for? Do you want it to climb up something? Are you wanting to make a border of some sort? If you’re wanting to plant a rambler or a climber. Make sure you choose the right one for the size of what it needs to climb.

Choosing the right word just basically depends on your 0wn personal preferences. What you want it to do, what colors you like best. The scent and how strong of a scent you are looking for. You decide what is right for you! There are so many to choose from!

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