Can You Prune Mulberry Trees In The Summer?

Can You Prune Mulberry Trees In The Summer? The best time for pruning is spring for a young tree, and late fall or early winter for an older tree. Their scrumptious berries, and the stains left behind by the previously mentioned berries. The coloring of the berries can vary from red to purple. But it is important to note that […]

How To Prune An Olive Tree?

How to prune an olive tree? Every good farmer knows how vital pruning is. To ensure that pruning provides the desired benefits. We must understand the proper tips and techniques. The olive tree is one of the Mediterranean plants that are more prone to pruning. Pruning interventions favor the passage of light and air circulation through the plant’s foliage. Olive […]

How to prune a Barberry Bush?

How to prune a Barberry Bush?   How to prune a Barberry Bush? How to prune a Barberry Bush Their attractive shrubbery and robust ability to stand most weather. They thrive when exposed to full sunlight and are an impressive addition to any garden. However, it is no secret that pruning them can be especially dangerous. Those who are less […]

Best Time To Prune Boxwoods – Anytime of The Year

Best Time To Prune Boxwoods. Boxwoods are actually quite a robust shrub, capable of being pruned anytime year round. Without any real risk of damaging your shrub too much. However, the best time to prune boxwoods to guarantee plant health is in the spring. Just prior to any new growth beginning. It’s also a useful tip to avoid pruning boxwoods […]

Winter Tree Trimming Tips.

Winter Tree Trimming Tips. What most people do not realize is that winter is the absolute best time to prune deciduous shrubs and trees.   Winter Tree Trimming Tips. This is because the shrubs and trees are “asleep” or “dormant” during this time. You can prune as soon as they go to “sleep”. While the tree is dormant, it won’t […]

Tree Pruning Louisville KY. 6 Common Misconceptions.

Tree Pruning Louisville KY. 6 Common Misconceptions about Tree Pruning. Tree pruning, in many cases, is a necessity. Tree Pruning Louisville KY.     The problem is that there are too many misconceptions revolving around tree pruning. Instead of believing in these misconceptions, it is essential to understand what is true and what is not. Once you do so, you […]

When To Prune Apple Trees

When To Prune Apple Trees? Apple tree pruning isn’t as easy as some people may think. There are basics that you need to understand. You need to know when it’s alright to prune and when it’s not, why you need to prune, and more importantly, exactly how to prune your apple tree. When To Prune Your Apple Tree The best […]

Tree Pruning and Bracing

Tree Pruning and Bracing. Pruning is common and usually described as removing tree parts like branches or limbs to maintain tree health. PRUNING: There are different types of pruning such as crown lifting, crown thinning, canopy elevation, shaping, and more. We will cover how to perform these types of pruning in an article at a later date. It is always […]