Protect Trees From Cicadas

Protect Trees From Cicadas? What Month Do Cicadas Come Out? Cicadas are some amazing critters! Underground for seventeen years. Living underground for seventeen years at a time. Millions of them coming up at the same time. These wonderful insects will usually appear during the summer months. Usually, they come out in June, July, and August. This year West Virginia, Virginia […]

Sticky Leaves on Plants – Scale Insects are small bugs.

Sticky leaves on plants. Where do scale insects come from? Scale insects are small bugs that kills plants. Adults’ females of scale insects have soft bodies and no limbs. They are concealed underneath domed scales. They use large qualities of wax for protection. Some of the scale insects are hermaphroditic. They have a combined ovotestis. However, males look different from […]

Life Cycle of Mealybugs

Life cycle of mealybugs. Mealybugs are soft, oval-shaped insects whose bodies have noticeable segments. They grow to be .10 to .25 inches. And are usually white, light pink, or grey in color. These little creatures tend to be covered in a mealy wax-type substance. Although the nymphs, known as crawlers, are free of it. While some people may find mealybugs […]

How to get rid of oak tree caterpillars?

How to get rid of oak tree caterpillars? The majority of caterpillars have twelve eyes, six on either side of their head. A few species have between ten and fourteen eyes instead. These species are largely more primitive forms, which also have other features that mark them out from other moths and butterflies. How to get rid of oak tree […]

Are Aphids Harmful to Humans?

Are Aphids Harmful to Humans? Aphids are little, tiny insects that feed on plants. These insects are also known as greenflies or plant lice. Their bodies are soft and have the shape of a pear. When it comes to color, aphids have a variety of them, normally they’re green, but they can be brown, yellow, red, purple, and more. Aphids […]

Insects and Diseases of Kentucky Forests

Insects and Diseases of Kentucky Forests. The pest of Kentucky forests is a major threat. See what they can do to protect the forest.     Knowledge about the problems is the first step towards correcting the issues. Leaders have worked to distribute info about the insects and diseases of Kentucky forests. These hazards have been dealt with in a […]