How to Prune Thai Basil

How to Prune Thai Basil

How to Prune Thai Basil, Hi everyone Mr. luck here. Do they have a fixed tip for you on how to make your basil plants bushier? And lusher by deliberately pinching off the top stem. Which will promote light growth from the leaf buds. So in this video, I will show you the progress of … Read more

How to Prune Coleus – Pinch Back Coleus for Optimal Growth.

Pinch Back Coleus for Optimal Growth.

How to prune coleus, pinch back coleus for optimal growth. Everybody welcome back today. I want to start talking about the coleus so you’ll see these a lot in hardware stores. Like Home Depot or Lowe’s anywhere where they sell lots of plants. You’ll see these they’re pretty common they’re called coleus. There’s a lot … Read more

How to prune eggplant?

how to prune eggplant

How to prune eggplant? Transcript What’s up guys this is Jason with Buddha farms. Coming to you Wednesday April 4 2018 alright today. I’m in the Haight oh it’s actually a pretty chilly day we had ladies the rest of the week. The beginning of the week right now it’s about 65 outside a nice … Read more

How to prune marigolds?

how to prune marigolds

How to prune marigolds? Transcript I’m Anne and this is ants watering can here in Manhattan on my fire escape. I’m here to talk to you today about deadheading your flowers. Then you promote new flower growth. If you don’t then a lot of the plant energy goes to a flower head that’s dead. That’s … Read more

How to prune philodendron?

how to prune philodendron

How to prune philodendron? Hi everybody welcome back today I’m gonna show you the difference between letting up pathos or philodendron grow as a bryan like right here.   Have it grow big and bushy like this one here. So I used two different types of pathos this one I believe is called the neon … Read more