How to Prune Daisies

How to prune daisies,  The world of daisy plants is diverse, all with different needs. However, one thing common to nearly all daisy varieties is deadheading. Or removal of their spent blooms. Deadheading Daisies One of the most commonly asked questions in the gardening realm refers to daisies. Specifically, Shasta daisies, which seem to be … Read more

How to Cut Tree Limbs That are to High to Reach?

How to cut tree limbs that are to high to reach? Have you ever trimmed tree branches by yourself? If the answer is yes, you know how difficult that task can be, especially if the branches are too high to reach. Whether you are cutting steel or wood, the preparation starts with securing the right … Read more

Trees of Kentucky

Trees of Kentucky Allegheny Serviceberry – Amelanchier laevis American Beech – Fagus grandifolia American Holly – Ilex opaca American Hophornbeam – Ostrya virginiana American Hornbeam – Carpinus caroliniana American Linden – Tilia americana Bald Cypress – Taxodium distichum Bigleaf Magnolia – Magnolia macrophylla Black Cherry – Prunus serotina Black Locust – Robinia pseudoacacia Black Oak … Read more

Sunshine And Bluebirds – Do Bluebirds Mate for Life?

NOT JUST A WESTERN PROBLEM Sunshine And Bluebirds – Do Bluebirds Mate for Life? We often think about drought as a problem afflicting western North America, but drought also impacts eastern states. Reduced or complete lack of rainfall for weeks or months can result in thirsty lawns, dying crops and other vegetation, and tough times … Read more

Landscaping Around Trees

Landscaping Around Trees Want to make the area around your trees look better or just want to make them a little more eye-catching but can’t come up with ideas of how to do that? We might have a few ideas that you would like to try with your trees. Read through them and see if … Read more

Best Ways To Protect Trees

Best Ways To Protect Trees – Been trying one thing after another to keep your garden and trees free of pests and free of diseases yet nothing seems to be working very well? Stop using all of that store-bought stuff and all of those chemicals in your garden and try some of these natural remedies instead. … Read more

How To Grow A Forget Me Not Flower?

How To Grow A Forget Me Not Flower? In this species there a many different types of these tiny little flowers. Basically, all have just five petals and about a half-inch around. Most people know these flowers because of their dainty blue blooms. But some will also grow white and pink and some are a … Read more