The Benefits of Ways to Trim Trees

If you’re unsure about when and how exactly to trim your trees, think about hiring a professional landscaper that will help you, or finish the job for you. The ideal tools make pruning simpler and help you do a very good job. For this particular job we’ll require some sharp pruners, in addition to our […]

Pruning Maple Trees

Pruning Maple Trees, maple trees are shade trees, which means that they have many practical benefits for your home or business. Your energy costs could reduce by up to 25 percent with some strategically placed maple trees. Pruning Maple Trees also drop outdoor summer temperatures under their canopies by up to ten degrees.   Their […]

Mulching Shrub Beds

Things To Learn About Mulching Shrub Beds Mulching is said to be effective in protecting and maintaining plants and flowering shrubs. This protective soil covering prevents weeds from springing up. It helps retain moisture in your garden thereby reducing the frequency of watering.     Mulch prevents soil erosion while maintaining constant temperature in the […]


Marcell’s removed a dead tree in my backyard and chopped up the stump to just below ground level. We contacted Marcell’s because they had done a good job doing a smaller tree removal in the past. This tree would require more skill because of its size and proximity to our house and to our neighbor’s […]

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