30 Trees for Louisville Yards

30 Trees for Louisville Yards, here is a list of thirty of some of the most beautiful trees that can be found in Louisville, Kentucky.


Although some of them may not be the perfect “yard” tree, they can indeed be grown in your yard.

30 Trees for Louisville Yards.


30 Trees for Louisville Yards -= HARDY CEDAR OF LEBANON

Height 40 – 60 ft.

This is one of the most winter Hardy trees of all of the cedars. A Mediterranean native from mountains in Turkey.

This tree grows slowly and ends up having a stiff and rigid, almost column-type shape.

The branches change colors. They are bright green when the tree is young, greyish green as it gets a little older, and a darker green when it is old.

The male tree cones are long and end up shedding gold pollen in the spring, and the females are upright, and they’re shaped like an egg.

The Hardy Cedar needs full sun and a lot of room to grow to its beautiful potential. It is adaptable but does not do well in flooded soil.

Although it can be planted in the yard, it is better for larger areas like parks.


white oak tree


Height 50 – 80 ft.

This is a hardwood of central & eastern America, native to the same area. It’s called white oak, but it actually has more of a light grey color.

The name “white oak” comes from the finished wood color. When left to grow in a wide-open area, like a forest. It turns into a massive tree, and the branches strike out at extensive angles.


30 Trees for Louisville Yards

Height 6 – 12 ft.

This tree is a native of Missouri. It is a deciduous shrub and usually grows up to twelve feet in damp areas.

Bunches of little yellowish-green flowers will bloom beautifully on the branches. The flowers will bloom before the leaves are seen.


Kentucky Coffeetree

Height 60 – 80 ft.

This tree is native to the upper south and Midwest North America. It is called the Kentucky Coffee Tree.

Because its seeds can be roasted & used for coffee beans but do not use the roots if they are not burned.

The origins and pods are poisonous when they aren’t roasted.



This is a conifer tree whose branches will droop down drastically. The Weeping Norway Spruce was made by breeding individual trees whose branches had a normal tendency to sink.

This tree has been known to grow up to sixty ft. with a diameter of ten ft.



Height 20 – 30 ft.

Magnolia trees are deciduous hybrids. It has a round crown, and at the tallest, this tree can grow to twenty ft. It has a single tree trunk that grows in a multi-trunk shape.




Height 75 – 100 ft.

This is such a beautiful tree, so attractive and popular. It’s adaptable and tolerates road salt and adverse conditions.

It has some gorgeous brown and whitebark that look amazing in the wintertime, with some strange-shaped leaves.

This is one tree that is more disease-resistant than most.

The forest green leaves last the entire season, but they seem to be a copper color in the fall. The flowers and fruit are not ornamentally important.



Height 20 – 40 ft.

This is another small deciduous tree. Medium in size but in the end can grow up to forty ft. in height, although it usually takes about eight years to grow just ten ft. tall.



Height 15 – 30 ft.

This tree is known for its berry fruit that is banana-like and has purple blooms, and it grows best in moist soil.

This is yet another deciduous tree that stays small and is native to Canada. In the eastern U. S., The fruit itself is greenish yellow & brown in color.



Height 20 – 30 ft.

This is a gorgeous tree with pink and white leaves. It has pink flowers on its bare branches that fill the space between winter to spring. It just needs partial sun to survive and thrive.


Height 50 – 60 ft.

Cut Leaf European Beech is a pretty tree.

It has beautiful foliage and dark grey bark. The foliage is a green that turns golden brown.


Height 60 – 80 ft.

This tree grows fast and lives a long time, as well. It is a conifer that is deciduous and endangered. It’s the only species that has lived from the Genus Metasequoia family.

It lives in lower, wet slopes, stream valleys, and the montane river in the Hunan & Hubei provinces. Even though it is the smallest of the redwoods, it can still grow up to one hundred – twenty ft.


Height 30 – 50 ft.

This tree has many beautiful colors (red, orange, burgundy, and yellow foliage). It is incredibly adaptable and does really well in the heavily soiled areas that are poorly drained.

Swamp White Oak

Height 50 – 60 ft.

This tree can survive in many different areas. It is known mostly in the northeastern and north-central parts of America. It’s OK with either dry or wet soil and gives off an abundance of shade.

Venus Dogwood

Height 15 – 20 ft.

Venus Dogwood is a beautiful tree with substantial white flowers. These flowers reach about six inches in width.

The tree is amazingly vigorous and promotes a comprehensive plant that comes about twenty ft. in width and eighteen ft. in height.

Girard’s Maple/Hybrid Paperbark Maple

Height 15 – 30 ft.

This is an extremely rare maple, and it has pretty reddish fall colors with a cinnamon type of stick bark.

A hybrid tree created by two Chinese types that have trifoliate leaves.

This is a remarkable tree because it is heat tolerant, insect resistant, disease resistant.

Lace Bark Pine

Height 30 – 50 ft.

The foliage of this tree has evergreen needles that are dark green. It develops peeling bark that underneath reveals green, purple, and white patches of skin, which sets it far apart from other pines.

It can sometimes take up to ten years for the bark to start peeling. On older trees, the patches of skin will turn completely white. It has pinecones that will measure about three inches long.


Height 30 – 50 ft.

The Yellowwood has gorgeous flowers with a beautiful fragrance to them, yellow in the fall. It’s native to North America, with a wide range that reaches from North Carolina to Kentucky.

Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Height 15 – 20 ft.

In the winter, this tree has beautiful yellow flowers with peeling bark. Known as a small tree or a shrub, and is native to southern and ventral Europ0e. Over time it can grow to 15 – 25 ft.

Amazing Grace Katsura

Height 18 ft.

Amazing Grace Katsura has beautiful fall colors. And weeping, graceful branches that form a mound and look like green-blue water falling down over rocks. It would be absolutely stunning to use in a small garden.

Three Flower Maple

Height 20 – 30 ft.

Three Flower Maple has pretty orange-red and yellow colors in the fall. This maple is a kind of maple that is native to the hills of Korea and China.

Another deciduous tree can reach a height of around eighty – two ft. if left to grow in the wild.

Shawnee Brave Baldcypress

Height 50 – 70 ft.

Shawnee Brave Baldcypress needs full sun to thrive. This tree has no flowers to bloom. It grows best in damp soil but can tolerate a wide range of soil types.

Bottlebrush Buckeye

Height 8 – 10 ft.

This famous tree makes an excellent border of shrubs with its pretty, white blooms that have pink and red in them.

These are some of the best summer flowers that have won many awards.

Mount Airy

Height 5 – 6 ft.

The foliage of this deciduous shrub is dark green with honey fragrance flowers.

This is a hybrid shrub that was discovered by Mr. Michael Dirr in Ohio at Mount Airy Arboretum.

Cumulus Serviceberry

Height 10 – 20 ft.

A deciduous shrub that is really low in maintenance will need to be pruned after the severe cold is gone. It has lovely white flowers and fruit that is edible with beautiful colors of fall.

Winterthur Viburnum

Height 6 ft.

Decorative red foliage and blue fruit make this deciduous shrub an eye-catching tree. Native to swamps, bogs, and low-lying woods from Louisiana to Florida to Connecticut.

Another name for this shrub is Smooth Withered, and if left in the wild, it can grow up to twelve ft. tall.

Summersweet Hummingbird

Height 3 – 3 1/2 ft.

Summersweet Hummingbird is a beautiful deciduous shrub with golden yellow fall colors.

This is a lovely, slow-spreading, and compact little tree with spikes of gorgeous white flowers that blossom for four-to-six weeks in the late summer.

Blue Ash

Height 85 ft.

This tree can be found in the bluegrass areas around the Kentucky River.

A beautiful Kentucky native that blooms gorgeous little flowers has bunches of pretty hanging seeds and colorful foliage. It grows best in the full sun and makes for a beautiful shade tree.

Green Ash

Height 150 ft.

This tree can be found throughout the state of Kentucky but grows mainly in moist areas.

It has large leaves divided along the main stem into leaflets, making for an airy look and a charming shade.

It needs full sun to grow to its maximum height.


Height 75 ft. +

Another tree that is native throughout all of Kentucky in the dry forest areas. It’s a hardwood tree, so hard the older trees can actually make clubs for golf.

The bark of this tree is dark grey and looks like a square, scaly blocks. The fruit, when growing, is too messy. So it’s not s good tree to have planted in your yard or for landscaping.

It should be developed in areas like a golf course or maybe even a park. It thrives best in sandy, moist soil and requires full sun.